About Us
UpBeat is a non-profit international radio which strives to provide non-stop, quality radio and news entertainment.
Our Story
In late spring of 2016, a concept became a reality - a concept that's main purpose was to bring smaller communities together with a universal radio.
The idea slowly but surely took shape as Jack and Liz worked hard on it's identity, including picking the perfect name, slogan and logo.
This is what we now know and love today, as UpBeat.
Ever since we’ve opened, UpBeat has always been a welcoming community. We're extremely proud to have a diverse user base that's not from just one place, but all around the world. Whether you're listening, reading, presenting or writing, UpBeat wouldn't be where is is today without you, our amazing audience. We're very thankful to everyone that has believed in UpBeat since the initial launch.
As well as being a free service to the public, we're also very open minded when it comes to hiring new members of staff. We pride ourselves on giving people of all ages and interests to try their hand at live broadcasting. Some do it for fun, some do it to experience something new, and some do it because they hope to be professional presenters in the future.
For those that are more interested in journalism, we also have a news department that keeps UpBeat up-to-date with the latest news!
UpBeat is the first online radio station to run with a partnership system. A system where owners of other websites can use UpBeat as entertainment for their users.
Ever since we introduced this format, lot's of other online radios have been created, but UpBeat remains to be at the top thanks to all of you!
History of UpBeat
Version One
Version 1 of UpBeat is where this whole journey began.

Our design for Version 1 at the time was an incredible design which topped most other existing radios. It allowed new, never before seen features to be created and brought to life. The main colour scheme for this design was the original blue and black, in which UpBeat was known for.

In May of 2017, Jack worked hard on Version 1 to improve it, therefore leading to the release of Version 1.1, with this release, it allowed the features originally created to gain more depth to them allowing them to stand out further. Alongside this release, the news department was then brought to life, thus leading the community to grow larger and the team to expand for those not only interested in music and performing to a mass amount of people, but writing and developing their own writing skills for people within the community to read.

Following this, the release of Version 1.1 introduced a partnership scheme, this lead to UpBeat creating its very own Retro Player, mainly due to the fact within 2017, Habbo Retros were the best to partner with. From this, UpBeat gained a small group of partners in which helped the progress and development of the site to where we are today.

Throughout Version 1, the staff team alone became very close and built up overtime. This was all due to the amazing Ownership duo of Jack & Liz (Fabulous) and the amazing friendship group they had at the time. Having a staff team act like a family is the key reason UpBeat is where it is today. To this day, there are still people within the staff team who have been here since the very beginning, this shows the amazing loyalty and dedication people give to the site due to enjoying what they do and enjoying being apart of a fantastic team.
Version Two
Version 2 of UpBeat is where the revamp started.
In order to produce Version 2, Jack recruited the help of another developer - Ethan, more known as Box.

The design for Version 2 was the best design yet. It once again topped other radio stations and set a new bar for designing them. Alongside this, the features in Version 1 were revamped and new additions were added - such as the improved animation when it came to liking the DJ. Two new major differences with the launch of this version, was the logo and the new colour scheme, this became purple and black instead of the original blue and black.

In May of 2018, Version 2 launched, this released a brand new design and logo to the community. However, shortly after this launch, we received another major update. In September 2018, Version 2.1 was released. With this new updated release, we got to see all the new features added to the site.

A brand new radio player was introduced making it a lot more appealing to the eyes and making it a main focus of the site. Along with this new radio player improvement, the ‘now, next, later’ section also became larger ensuring people knew who was going to be on air broadcasting next. Following this, our news department section also got a massive revamp making accessing the articles better, the style and format in which they were produced cleaner, and overall making them have a centre part within the site layout - we also began to allow comments on the article, making it more interactive!

Within Version 2, the team once again expanded and became bigger, with applications rolling in from people within the community who were wanting to try something new. This meant anyone and everyone had a fair chance at joining the team, allowing them to get the training from staff who had been at the site for a while. Once again, with the team still being a family, UpBeat grew to become one of the biggest well known online radios to date.

Version Three
Version 3 of UpBeat is where things topped off, featuring the latest and greatest design and visuals, all working together to create Version 3.

During this pain-staking process of completely changing the sites design, Jack had to go through many man hours developing the new design and new features, like the new Profile Comments and the Top 5 Songs to the profiles. Alot of other features came to the website, upgrading the user experience even more, by adding things like better user design by making things visable and not hiding them behind elements. Version 3 has also had a complete redesign on the main header and player, adding a more eye friendly and more cpu friendly visualizer.

Version 3 Beta came to us on the 25th of May and showed many people that it was worthy change for the site. After 2 weeks of beta testing and getting everthing up to scratch, Version 3 was offically released to the public, for all to enjoy.

With the new release, our staff team has gotten larger and larger, like every release we have done, we have seen a spike in user application, this was no exception! The release nights for v3 were jam packed with community and DJs, hyping up users for its release, with 3 dedicated shows on the release date. We grew to be known as one of the biggest online radio stations there is to date.

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