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Hey there! My name is Chris, and I'm 15 years old. I live in Jersey, an English speaking Island off the coast of France. I have been at UpBeat a few times before and was first hired on 1st April 2017. I used to be really good at writing these descriptions, but I don't know what to write so thanks for looking at my profile? My Experience Here at UpBeat April 2nd 2017 - Trial Radio DJ April 9th 2017 - Radio DJ April 16th 2017 - Trial Head DJ April 23rd 2017 - Head DJ June 1st 2017 - Listener 15th October 2017 - Trial Radio DJ 22nd October 2017 - Trial Head DJ 5th November 2017 - Listener 15th July 2018 - Trial Radio DJ 22nd July 2018 - Radio DJ 23rd July 2018 - Listener 4th November 2018 - Trial News Reporter 11th November 2018 - Trial Radio DJ 11th November 2018 - News Reporter 18th November 2018 - Radio DJ 18th December - Listener 1st July 2019 - Trial News Reporter 7th July 2019 - Trial News Editor 14th July 2019 - News Editor 16th August 2019 - Listener
5 months ago
hi chris
5 months ago
Hey there
6 months ago
why did you get rid of the jungle juice you monster
6 months ago
Probs missing Shaniqua
5 months ago
Yep obviously
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