Caravan Palace
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Just imagine a trip to a wonderful land
Of candy, and jam, and ice cream

-Eerie Voices-

I gotta hit that (?) you better watch it
With a gat that I pack with a full clip
I got the whip, got the (?) that I keep it undercover,
all up in the cup, just you live it up
See the snow cold face try to knock it
I can't (?) never walk on my rocket
I gotta beat in it, I gotta (?) in it
I gotta be-ba-da-be-ba-da-be-da-be-it

See the big gold chain that I'm rockin'

I got the ring for the (?), never drop it,
I got a stash for the cash that I owe to my daughter
All up in the cup, Just you live it up
And the streets turn cold when I walk it
It's my rules no man can stop it
I throw a kick so quick that'll leave you in the gutter
Leave you in the gutter, gutter, gutter...
All up in the cup, All up in the covers...

Just imagine, Wonderful land
I know all best things never happen
I'm just a runned out girl with gentle gunners
If my dreams aren't rocked and I rule the wonderland...
All up in the cup, All up in the covers.