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What is perfect? Not me I've been overworking for weeks I go home then purchase some things That I know will not fill my needs Have a dose of what I've achieved Then get lonesome and I critique Who I am and what I believe Make up standards too high to reach Untrained animal off the leash I'm in panic, but yet relieved Brought your hammock to hang with me? Grab a hatchet, cut down your tree Like a mannequin, I can't speak What I have in store is unique I just mop the floors with MCs I can't stop until things are clean I'm an amateur's what you think So you stand there in disbelief 'Til I dislocate both your feet That's what happens, you step to me Not too graphic, but not PG Lots of action in every scene I'm kidnapping all of your dreams Hold 'em hostage and watch 'em scream (Ahh!) Grab a side, I am what I advertise Don't matter how you put it, we live, then we have to die You might hate it, but you can't deny See, everything that I've been doing got me looking like a mastermind It's so vain, but I vandalize that I do what you fantasizing Took a vision of my dreams And then found a better way that I can make it I've been looking, think I'm really 'bout to maximize it (Agh!) There's bullets formed in my mind, ain't come out my mouth and (Pow, pow, pow) For anyone out there doubting or acting mouthy (Watch, watch, watch) Forget what you heard about me, I've been astounding (God, God, God) Something for you thinking you might run circles 'round me Yeah, ain't this all I ever wanted? That's a fact, no, that's a lie, no I'm confused, yeah, I got problems What's the use? Yeah, let's be honest Screws are loose, I need 'em tightened Not amused, yeah, look what I did Brought you something, hope you like it So precise, the flow the nicest So productive, stop your whining Back in style like I was vinyl I make songs and they go viral Something's off if I go idle "Been so long," yeah, okay, I know Take your shoes off, you're in my home You got fans, but not like I do, yeah Thankful, I try to be, can't contain what's inside of me They don't like this side of me 'cause I lack in compliancy I question what I can see if you're not playing my CD No expiring, I'll decide when I think it's my time to leave (Woo) Yeah, 'cause they won't retire me, it inspires me to be inspiring When I'm low I feel like I'm spiraling Pushing forward, look, I can't ignore it There ain't no I in team, but drop the T and A Sometimes, if I'm being honest, feels like it's only me No defeat, notably, better have it right if you're quoting me Write my name on your hit list, it might be the last time you wrote something Rip that cocky smile right off your face for thinking you're close to me Grab a can of gasoline, light it all over your self-esteem Selfishly watching y'all helplessly pretend you're on my planet Shoot you out of the sky like you're punchlines, you are not landing Gun jamming, reach in your mouth and rip out your tongue after tongue Lashings, I hand 'em out like pamphlets in church (Pastor) Show up to my funeral wearing all black, and what's happening? I look around and wonder, "Where my fans at?" Oh Lord, they know me so well, they know I'm not in that casket Trash bag is prolly buried somewhere full of my ashes My music's superb, playing with words, play with my nerves They gon' have a list of issues long as my shirts Very absurd, very disturbed Stare at the earth like, "This is not the place I was birthed" I'm generic, you sure? Oh, they think I'm very reserved 'Til I open up on the beat like on my Therapy work I don't care what you heard, real scary, carry the verse While I'm wearing my merch, stomping on your arrogant turf Sit back and observe, nah, I like to actually work This life's so unpredictable, it just keeps pitching me curves I take a swing, I hate the things that make me feel like I'm dirt I've patiently been waiting, please, I think it's time for my turn My expertise are melodies, they talk to me when I'm hurt Just let me be, eventually someday they'll see what I'm worth I cross my I's and dot my T's, it makes no sense, but I've learned No more to you is not to me, the outcast finally returns