I'm a Celeb Recap: Week 1
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I'm a Celeb recap: week one

Day 1:


On Day 1, we were able to see the beginning of two teams being formed out of the 10 celebrities that entered the camps and this was done by two challenges! The winner would get to go to 'Croc Creek', which is considered luxury and the losers would be roughing it in Snake Rock. The Yellows which consisted of James McVey and Rita Simons just edged it on the first challenge which was all about heights and therefore got to pick Anne Hegerty and Fleur East to join their team - this left the Red team, which had John Barrowman and Sair Khan with Harry Redknapp and Nick Knowles.

Following the first challenge, Harry (Red) and Anne (Yellow) had to retrieve plastic tokens from a box which contained green ants and crabs and then Fleur (Yellow) and Nick (Red) were left to transfer this to the next box which contained other creatures. The Reds narrowly won this challenge and got Malique Thompson-Dwyer, leaving the Yellows with Emily Atack. The only twist was for Malique & Emily to get to their teams, they had to skydive from 12,000 feet!

Finally, the teams had to canoe to a pontoon to grab their kit and paddle back - However, the twist was that the whole team couldn't fit in the canoes and the Yellow team found this out the hard way which forced them to sink. The Reds gained an easy victory and won themselves Croc Creek. 

We were able to see the bond that the campmates had already formed when Anne Hegerty found it difficult to adapt to her new surroundings, due to her Autism, and the Yellow team quickly got around to and consoled her.

Day 2: 


On Day 2, Emily Atack smashed the first Bushtucker Trial by achieving 9/10 stars, she endured an underground tavern where she had to stick her hands through 5 holes where there were snakes and retrieve the stars inside and ended it off by being encased by snakes for 5 minutes to earn the 5 remaining stars. For her endeavours in this trial, she got to feed everyone at Croc Creek and she also managed to get 3 meals for Snake Rock, who would have otherwise have been on rations of rice and beans. Emily also got moved to Croc Creek.

Anne also discussed her Aspergers and in turn encouraged fellow campmate Rita Simons to talk about her OCD. Anne said that she really appreciated how nice and sympathetic the campmates had been with her.

Day 3:


In this episode, we saw Anne face the 'Monstrous Monolith' and although the public was seen as cruel for voting her in for this, many people have defended themselves on Twitter by saying their intention was to get Anne to Croc Creek as quickly as possible. She managed to get 2 stars after being covered with slime and fish guts but the critters in the next chamber were too much and she asked to stop the trial. It meant that Croc Creek got 2 meals; however, Anne and the rest of Snake Rock would be on rations for that day. The hunger in Snake Rock was compounded when Rita & James got the Dingo Dollar question wrong and they missed out on Scones.

Towards the end of the episode, two camps became one as Snake Rock finally went to the relative luxury of Croc Creek. James McVey said it was like "checking into a five-star hotel" and finally, Nick Knowles won the heart of everyone watching when he gave his luxury item of a pillow to Anne, who had said that she was struggling with the jungle conditions.

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Dunno what this is looks like Fear Factor tbh
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It's a UK show, we throw 'celebrities' into an Australian jungle for 3 weeks and make them do really horrible tasks through public votes :)