Ryanair Plane Impounded!
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Ryanair flight impounded!

On Friday the 10th of November, a Ryanair flight was impounded by French Authorities due to an 'unpaid bill'. More than 149 passengers had to leave the flight when this happened which, would have obviously messed up peoples schedules and affected their lives. It has been said Ryanair owed them £458,000 and that they could not leave until that bill was paid.

Ryanair managed to pay the debt after 24 hours. The president of the French regional airport authority said: "They owed us €525,585.05 and they paid €524,907.80, which is the sum fixed on September 15,"  "Such stinginess, but we won't take the matter any further." 

The DGAC (Directorate General for Civil Action) said "This measure was taken as a last resort by the French authorities after several reminders and ryanairrando.jpgattempts to recuperate the money" DGAC said the airline had not complied despite repeated warnings which is even including a final warning in May.

“It is unfortunate that the state had to take such action, which led to the inevitable inconvenience of the 149 passengers onboard the immobilised plane,” a French civil aviation authority said. Those passengers were able to eventually reach their destination later that evening on another Ryanair plane, but with a five-hour delay.”  

The flight was said to have been delayed for approximately 5 hours. This resulted in the passengers wanting to be compensated which will result in them receiving £217. Which will cost Ryanair £33,000 if they do end up following through with this. It was said that passengers were given a £5 food voucher which clearly isn't enough as how much this could have affected their lives.

Hopefully, Ryanair doesn't ignore any more unpaid bills. As that could lead to their business going out of business which will affect many passengers and prebooked flights. 

Do you think the passengers should have been compensated more? Let us know in the comments!

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No as the compensation for time delay starts from 4 Hours, I work in the Travel Industry and thats a reasonable amount to oppose.