10 questions to... Jack!
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10 Questions to...

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Hello and welcome back to what was formally 15 questions to! We have decided to rebrand and ask 10 questions instead!

After a break, we have decided this week to interview the most important member of the UpBeat staff team, the Owner himself, JACK!

This weeks issue is all about UpBeat as Jack knows all there is to know about the site.

Are you ready to hear what Jack has to say? Let's get into the questions!

The questions

Question 1:

Bex: What is your role at UpBeat for those who don't know?

Jack: Well long story short, I'm UpBeat's owner/founder, but I tend to work very carefully on maintaining UpBeat's overall image... ranging from the website's aesthetic to special events.

Question 2:

Bex: What's your favorite feature of V2?

Jack: If we're talking JUST Version 2:

I have to say, I was very excited about a few things. The main one being the new modern design approach we decided to take rather than the boxed MESS that was Version 1.

I was also looking forward to releasing the new profile designs as they included the playable beats.

However, the current version of the website (2.1.2), my favorite thing has to be the ability to rate the currently playing song. It's not been released just yet, but rating songs will have a bigger purpose very soon!

(I was going to plug the shop but I decided not too hehe)

Question 3:

Bex: Thinking about your V2 answer, do you miss V1 or anything about it?

Jack: I'm not even going to lie, I can't remember what Version 1 was like?! It was so long ago!

Ummm... I miss the confetti on the #1 spot of the like leader board. (And no! It won't be returning ;))

Question 4:

Bex: Why did you choose the name UpBeat?

Jack: Well as some people will know, back when UpBeat started I wasn't the only owner.

There's no simple answer really. Myself and Liz made a list of names we thought were catchy and UpBeat was just our favourite!

Question 5:

Bex: Did you ever think UpBeat would become what it is today?

Jack: Initially, definitely not. But as a whole.. as time has gone by, I've just gotten used to it!

I've just tried to keep myself motivated and keep UpBeat progressing by setting goal after goal until we're where we are today!

Question 6:

Bex: Have you regretted anything?

Jack: Acknowledging the haters!!

I remember when Version 2's design was released and there were a few people hating on it...

However, those exact individuals have recently tried making their own online radios with an incredibly similar design choice. Tea.

Question 7:

Bex: What's your favorite memory?

Jack: The surprise DownBeat April fools show I did with Amy - 100%. The reaction was priceless!

Question 8:

Bex: If you had to choose, Which is your favorite department?

Jack: ...radio. No shade.

Question 9:

Bex: What tips would you give to people who are thinking of joining UpBeat?

Jack: Don't ask for a high role upon joining! We've always made promotions based on performance and dedication. If you stand out you will get what you deserve! ;)

Question 10:

Bex: What have you learned that people gain from joining UpBeat?

Jack: I think the most common thing I've heard is that being part of our staff team, especially Radio DJ, allows people to gain confidence in themselves.

That's all for this week, See you next Wednesday for more 10 questions to...

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I think there was an error in the answer to question 8?
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coffee is better haters
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I think Jack’s been playing too much of one of our partners... “tea” ANYWAY I like this but miss the old personal questions 😂
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10 Questions To... Jack: Personal Edition - Coming Soon?
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Love the tea.
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