Apple's 2018 Event
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Apple's October event

Welcome to our coverage of Apple's October 2018 event. Today Apple announced a range of new products starting with an all-new MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and finally the all-new iPad Pro. This event marks the third this year, wherein march Apple unveiled the new entry-level iPad, and in September the new Apple Watch and iPhones, our coverage of this event can be found here.

The live event was broadcasted from Brooklyn at 10am EDT on Apple's website and a replay of the event can be found here. The event started off with Tim Cook taking the stage talking about Mac, moving onto some retail news and then the new iPads. Tim finished the keynote with some updates about iOS 12 including iOS 12.1 shipping today. Lana del Ray finished the event with a surprise performance.


After a short video highlighting the creativity created by users on the Mac Tim talks about some stats such as; 51% of new Macs are sold to new users and that Apple has sold 100 million Macs. Next, he discusses customer satisfaction with macOS, and a recap of the new update, macOS Mojave. But anyways I'm sure you're here for what's new so here it is;

MacBook Air


Laura Grove took the stage to show off all the new features of the MacBook Air. This new device features a Retina display,  which is a 13.3-inch display. The front of the new device resembles that of a MacBook Pro, bringing this relic off the past updrafts to date with apples current lineup. The 3rd generation butterfly keyboard has made its way over, meaning that any crimes or debris that can get trapped under the keycaps shouldn't render the keyboard useless. Finally, the MacBook Air now features Touch ID making unlocking the device faster and allowing Apple Pay transactions to be made easier. 

The MacBook Air takes up 17% less volume than its predecessor (definitely allowing it to be taken out of an envelope) and is only 16.1 millimetres thin. The device weighs 2.75 pounds (1.2kg). Finally, The body of the MacBook Air is made from a new aluminium alloy that is made from 100% recycled aluminium shavings from apples own assembly lines. This is truly a huge step in the direction of being environmentally friendly. 

Quick Specs:

8th generation dual-core Intel CPU

16GB Ram

Up to a 1.5TB SSD

2 Thunderbolt 3 ports as well as a headphone jack

'All day battery Life' 

3 Colours, Space Grey, Silver, and Gold

The new MacBook Air can be ordered today, and is available from the 7th of November and starts at $1199 USD.

Personally, I think this new MacBook Air is a cheaper entry-level MacBook Pro, this updated device should allow Apple to remove the MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar to truly distinguish the two devices.

Mac mini


First of all about time. The new Mac mini is 5 times faster than the previous model which isn't hard to beat a 4-year-old device. The most interesting thing about the new Mac mini is all the IO that is offered. It features; ethernet (1gb and upgrade to 10gb), Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, USB-3, and a headphone jack.

Another interesting point is the fact the RAM is SO-DIMM meaning that the end user could theoretically upgrade the ram themselves, an unusual move from apple. The Mac mini also is built from apples new 100% recycled aluminium alloy, feature in the MacBook Air.

Quick Specs:

8th Generation Intel CPU 6 or 8 cores

32/64GB RAM


10GB Ethernet

Colour Space Grey

The new Mac mini is available to order today and is available from the 7th of November. It starts at $799 USD.


Apple today announced that they have sold 400 million iPads, with more iPads being sold in the past year than all notebook sales from major companies like HP and Dell. Apple also said that this makes it the most popular computer in the world, while technically true, a bit of a stretch.

Apple also showed off some new apps coming to the iPad, to really highlight the power of the all-new iPad Pro.

Ipad Pro


The first thought I had when I saw the new iPad Pro is that it looks sexy with almost zero bezels. The new iPad uses the new liquid Retina display found in the new iPhone XR, which I personally think its a shame it's not OLED, but the iPhone XR's screen looks decent enough so hopefully, this carries over. The iPad Pro has Face ID instead of Touch ID, no home button and is completely gesture based. This isn't surprising as the iPad has been able to be controlled with gestures for a few years now.

The iPad Pro has also ditched the lightning port and moved over to USB-C, which I think is for the best. This allows so many more device to be connected to the iPad and even allow you to charge your phone from it. A new Apple Pencil also magnetically attaches to the side, and wirelessly charges, it also introduces a new gesture on the pencil, so you can double tap to activate something such as changing the pen type in notes.

The new iPad Pro runs off apples A12X Bionic chip which allows for a 35% faster single core workload speed improvement, and a 90% increase to the multicore workload score. This alone makes the iPad 92% faster than many computers that were sold in the past year. The graphics have also been accelerated to 2 times than the previous generation, now making it faster than an Xbox one S, which is insane to think about considering the size difference. 

Quick Specs:

A12X Bionic Chip

Liquide Retinal Display


Up to 1TB Storage

Colours: Space Grey and Silver.

Weighs around a pound (500grams)

11 inch or 12.9-inch screen

The iPad Pro can be ordered from today and will be available from 7th November. 11-inch modal starts at $799 while the 12.9 starts at $999


A few interesting apps were featured at the keynote but the interesting ones are listed below.

Assassins Creed, A console game was running on the iPad Pro at 20 frames per second (FPS) which apple claims consoles can't even deliver. NBA 2k mobile was also showed off running at 60 FPS, which again rivals what consoles can deliver, all just running on a tablet.

Adobe also took to the stage to show off the full desktop version of photoshop reimagined running on the iPad. Touch controls were in mind when redesigning the app making to easier than ever to use. The file shown on stage was a PSD file (photoshop file structure) that was over 3gb running in real time all buttery smooth lag free. Adobe also showed off project aero, an app that takes photos and creates augmented reality scenes as well as adding in animations.

Other Products

Other quick bits mentioned;

iOS 12, in the first month, has seen 60% of iOS devices having already been updated.

iOS 12.1 includes new features such as; Group FaceTime, dual sim for XS and XR, as well as 70 new emojis.

Musical performance at the end from Lana Del Ray, I guess this is better than U2. She performed a new song from her upcoming album that remains unnamed due to her not being able to swear on stage.  

Again no mention of Airpower, Apple's wireless charging mat to charge 3 devices at once. Does Apple just want us to forget about this product? Maybe we'll hear about it next year.

Apple Retail

The main thing mentioned was basically a reminder that Today at apple exists. Angela, the head of Apple retail, took to the stage to announce 60 new classes based on photography, coding, Augmented reality, Siri shortcuts and many more subjects. 18000 classes a week running all over the globe at apples retail stores. An update to the apple store app will allow you to see what sessions are running close by and book to attend.

Apple also announced that all retail stores will be revamped to include a forum space to host Today at Apple events. The last major bit announced is that all Apple retail stores now run on 100% renewable energy.

Thanks for reading I had fun tuning into the Apple event, and writing this article up.

What do you think about everything announced this year?
Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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