Trans People don't exist?!?!?!
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The U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday released that transgender people cause an issue with the country and a new report by his administration says that in order to protect his country, gender in the U.S. will be defined as male or female based on what genitals someone has there for saying trans people don't exist. 

“We have a lot of different concepts right now. They have a lot of different things happening with respect to transgender right now,” Trump said

and when he was asked about a campaign to promise to protect the LGBTQ+ community he stated that “I’m protecting everybody. I want to protect our country.”

If this new proposal was to be put in place it means that the Trump administration would get simplify the definition of gender to male or female and that's it!  No changing it in later life and that's that. It would also mean that all transgender rights in the U.S. would be abolished and would remove the civil right laws that were promoted by Barack Obama in the health care system, schools and the military.

Some of the tweets relating to this just prove the point of how much people dislike what is going on with Trump.

Here are a few of them:





What do you think about this?

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Nothing new in the Trump admin agenda since (attempting to) ban trans people from the military earlier this year, still really scary times though & I hope America wakes up soon and see's the mess it's in (:
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I guess my trans friends are fake then.