Tribute to Half Marathon Runners
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tributes to marathon runners after facing cardiac ARREST

Tributes are being paid to two runners, Ben McDonald and Dean Fletcher after they suffered cardiac arrest after crossing the finish line at Cardiff's half marathon on the weekend. 


They both finished the half marathon within three minutes of each other on Sunday. Both, Ben and Dean died in Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales.

Ben ran with his girlfriend, two brothers, brother-in-law and his two sisters-in-law. 

Ben's girlfriend described him as a "happy, smiley, adventurous, loving person". In addition, his manager and the rest of his colleagues said they are is "deeply saddened" by the fatality.

Dean, who was also running at the event, was raising money for neuroscience, mental health and cancer research. He was joined by 349 other people who were raising money for the same funds. He was a student at Cardiff University. This was also his second Cardiff race.

Dean was also a father-of-one. He was described as an "amazing husband and father". 

This was the first fatality at the event since it started. The organisers, Run4Wales, said that they are "100% satisfied that there was nothing more that could be done by the team at Run4Wales".

They also paid their respects to Ben and Dean and their friends and family.

Facts about the half marathon

The Cardiff half marathon is the second largest half marathon, just behind "The Great North Run". The Cardiff half marathon is 13.1 miles. The race goes around all of Cardiff's landmarks and historic buildings. The race starts outside Cardiff Castle, then it goes to Cardiff City Stadium, then the race goes through Penarth Marina, Cardiff Bay, Norwegian Church and the Wales Millennium Centre.


Around 20,000 people ran this year's event, for its 15th anniversary. Runners who compete in the marathon run for charity. Some of the associated charities, the lead charity being NSPCC. This event is also sponsored by big names such as Aldi and is sponsored by Cardiff University. 

The event is also said to be beneficial to the Welsh economy. This year's event is said to be worth around £15.3 million to the economy.

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Such a sad story. I can't believe two people died at the same race.