15 questions to... Erin!
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15 Questions to...

avatar_101.png?1530965685   ★ ERIN 

Welcome to this weeks edition of 15 questions to...

This is the weekly article where we expose one of the staff members here at UpBeat!
(I'm kinda evil >_> <_<)

This week we interviewed Administrator Erin so let's see what She had to say!

Upbeat Questions

Question 1:

Bex: Hey Erin, So what's your role here at upbeat?

Erin: Hello Bex :)) I’m Global Admin!! 

Question 2:

Bex: How long have you been here?

Erin: 1 year and a couple months

Question 3:

Bex: What is the best part of upbeat to you?

Erin: I love meeting new people! The DJing is fun and stuff but the community is by far the best thing, there’s always someone new to make friends with :)

Real Life questions

Question 4:

Bex: What’s the first concert you attended?

Erin: Oh my god, nostalgia. The first concert I went to was an annual event that my local radio put on that featured loads of different artists, a bit like a festival but it was indoors! McFly, JLS and Calvin Harris were amongst those there. They’ve stopped doing it now though which is a shame :( Memories!!

Question 5:

Bex: What's your favourite word and why?

Erin: I have a potty mouth, because I can’t think of a favourite word on the spot it would probably have been a swear word. But let’s just go for “Taxi” because I’m full of jokes.

Bex: I just laughed that's so random I imagine you swearing and someone just yelling TAXI over you

Erin: I work in a Taxi office Bex, keep up!!

Question 6:

Bex: What’s the last text you sent?

Erin: I text my boss to tell her I couldn’t do an overtime for her, boring

Question 7:

Bex: If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be, and why?

Erin: Oo this is interesting. Can they be famous?

Bex: yes they can

Erin:  Okay, I’d invite Harry Styles just because he’s pretty to look at and maybe I could sweet talk him into giving me some money :wink: Kylie Jenner, 100%. She seems fun to be friends with! And finally I’d invite Kirstie Alley she’s so down to earth and I loved seeing her in CBB (THAT WAS HARD I THOUGHT SO HARD)

Question 8:

Bex: If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be?

Erin: Hmm, Lili Reinhart, Loved her in Riverdale! She’d play the part of my dramatic life really well! Although, she’s 100% stunning compared to me

Bex: I've never watched Riverdale still >_> <_<

Erin: Wow Bex, disappointed.

Bex: ill watch it soon I promise x

Question 9:

Bex: What’s The Number One Item You Would Save From Your Burning House?

Erin: My phone! I don’t really have anything that means anything to me in my house, whereas there’s loads of memories stored on my phone.

Question 10:

Bex: Are You A Clean Or Messy Person?

Erin: Depends, I like living in a messy room, then I know where everything is! But sometimes it does drive me up the wall so I’ll clean it, But if I lived alone I’d be so clean!

Question 11:

Bex: What Goals Do You Have For The Next Five Years?

Erin: I really want a job that I love that pays well! If that was the case, living happily in my own house maybe in a relationship who knows!

Question 12:

Bex: If You Had To Describe Yourself In Five Words, What Would They Be?

Erin: Determined, Honest, Helpful, Kind + Fun.

Question 13:

Bex: What Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Won The Lottery?

Erin: Make sure my parents and sisters get a share and enough to have them settled for life, then move away and never come back to Scotland!

The Final 2!

Question 14:

Bex: Who's your favourite member of staff and why?

Erin: Kai (Illusions) !! We’ve had so much fun the last year and a bit. Although, Jack, Box and Zach are also amazing I love working with them, Dream Team! Shoutout to David (Sand) too who’s my bestie but that’s an irl level now innit.

Question 15:

Bex: Last question! Who should be interviewed next week and why?

Erin: Zach!! Just love his personality so nobody will be disappointed ;)

So that's all for this week! see you next Wednesday for the next edition of 15 questions to...

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Good article, Erin seems like such a fun person!