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Hello and welcome back to 15 questions to...

This is the weekly article where we expose one of the staff members here at UpBeat!
(I know... evil right)

This week we interviewed Radio DJ and Ex-Radio Manager Illusions so let's see what he had to say:


Question 1:

Bex: So Mr illusions. What is your role here at upbeat?

  Illusions: Well, I was previously a manager for 9 months before resigning on the 9th. I am currently a guest DJ here at UpBeat.

Question 2:

Bex: How long have you been at upbeat?

  Illusions: 9 months.

Question 3:

Bex: What is the best part of upbeat to you?

  Illusions: To me personally, it's got to be the community. I get the DJing and the news and things, but the community is what makes UpBeat.

Question 4:

Bex: What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

  Illusions: Getting manager... I remember when I got head DJ ages ago. I thought to myself, "my next goal is to become manager" - It never happened until I joined UpBeat and they happened to be in need of a manager.

Question 5:

Bex: What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

  Illusions: The amazing website updates Jack has planned.

Question 6:

Bex: What is the strangest thing you have come across in your life?

Illusions: In my life? Lot's of little strange things have happened, but I can't pick out the strangest. I'm not too sure.

Question 7:

Bex: Who's your favourite member of staff?

Illusions: Erin.

Question 8:

Bex: and why would that be?

Illusions: She's just been here a while and she's one of the people I've known for a while.

Question 9:

Bex: What do you hope your last words will be?

Illusions: "ya gay"

Bex: LMAO that's the best answer ever

Illusions: LMFAOOO

Question 10:

Bex: What would be your spirit animal and why?

Illusions: Sloth. Slow and sleeps a lot.

Question 11:

Bex: What’s one thing you did that you really wish you could go back and undo?

Illusions:  I'd go back to having no friends to try and totally meet a new set of friends, it'd be interesting. Maybe I'll be with the cool kidz :o

Question 12:

Bex: if you could add one feature stupid or amazing to upbeat what would you add?

Illusions: A stupid feature I'd add would be me as manager !!

Bex: PHAHA that not stupid

Question 13:

Bex: What do you wish you could tell yourself 10 years ago?

Illusions: What I should of told myself 10 years ago is probably, "don't b stoopid" cuz i'm not creative @ all

Question 14:

Bex: What would you say to people wanting to join upbeat?

Illusions: Oh yea, you should totally do it. It's great for confidence. I remember when I first joined. I was scared shitless. A few tries later, I'm totally confident at speaking on air, and I think I'm a bit more confident irl too! It is a great way to meet an awesome community and overall extend your confidence to a higher level.

Question 15:

Bex: Okay last question, Who do you think I should interview next week and why?

Illusions: I think you should interview erin becuz im curious about how she'd answer these questions, LUV U ERIN XO

So that's all for this week! see you next Wednesday for the next edition of 15 questions to...
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