Weekly Rundown: Nine
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Ninth Edition

Welcome back to UpBeat's Weekly Rundown.

We are massively overwhelmed with the support and appreciation for last weeks edition of the Weekly Rundown, so we hope that you enjoy this week too!

This week hasn't been as busy as the previous week, but here are the updates and information you need!

STAFF changes

This week, we have new UpBeat Staff Members.

Joining the Radio Department, DJ Berk!

Joining the News Department, News Reporter Tom, News Reporter Liam & News Reporter Vertex!

Welcome to all of you, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time!

Congratulations to members of the Assistive Team, Bex & Fries who have successfully passed their Head DJ Trials!

The Media Department Management have decided to bring up another News Reporter for a News Editor Trial period, so congratulations to Jake, who will be on Trial for the next few weeks!

staff applications

Radio DJ: OPEN

News Reporter: OPEN
Moderator: CLOSED

Apply for OPEN positions here!

site updates

Jack and Box have been busy working this week.

Contact Forms are now working! You may submit your contact requests for whatever you need for!

Homepage Advertisement Inquiries are now being accepted, so if you are wishing to advertise on the UpBeat site, please use the form to do so.

New Icons have been added for purchase from the UpBeat Store.


This means that within your User Settings, you can now set your Display Icon to the UpBeat Logo, a Heart, Fire or a Smiley Face!

The addition of a Version One Skin has been implemented! - You can make your site look like the original Version One if you wish to, and this is optional!

whats occurring?

Like Leaderboard for this week:


beats of the week

George Ezra - Shotgun


13 Plays

Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman


11 Plays

Maty Noyes -in my miNd


10 Plays

Featured spot

featured radio dj


EU Radio DJ Da-ve has been very consistent and active this week, and so the Radio Department feel he deserves this week Featured Spot! Congratulations!

featured news reporter


EU News Reporter Jake, now Trial News Editor has produced a total of four articles in the previous week, so definitely deserves this spot. For the second week you have excelled, and we wish you luck on your Trial!

Well, that's all the updates and changes for The Weekly Rundown: Ninth Edition.

Join us again, same time, next week for the Tenth Edition!

See you next week!
- UpBeat Management
12 months ago
Version 1 is slick @Carl ! It was a great site
12 months ago
ps, the Version1 skin is worth the money, its sexy
1 year ago
Great article! I have just bought version 1 skin and would definitely recommend it!
1 year ago
Jack what did version one look like?
1 year ago
ps the version 1 skin is pretty cool you should get it
1 year ago
woop woop