Mobile phones to be banned in schools?
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70% of British parents believe mobile phones should be banned, as they have been in France.


French schools have banned mobile phones from both primary and middle school. A recent study suggests that 70% of British parents believe that the UK should also implement a ban in UK schools.

France has introduced the ban to hopefully prevent cases of online bullying and improve focus in school. This wasn't a decision made by an individual school, in fact, the French government passed a law which bans the use of mobile phones during the school day, with exceptions for disabled children and in case of an emergency.

The ban has only affected primary and middle schools at the moment. High schools, which are for pupils aged 15 and over, will have the freedom to put in place their own rules on the use of mobile phones.

Cybersecurity specialists, ESET, commissioned a poll which found that most UK parents think that mobile phone should be banned in schools and 93% think that there should be more done about those who are using their mobile phones during school hours. The poll also found that parents are actually most concerned that the use of mobile phones in school distracts their child from learning and also may get bullied.

On the other hand, a separate poll carried out by Internet Matters found that only 59% of UK parents think that mobile phones should be banned in school, with 51% saying that children shouldn't even be allowed to take their phones to and from school. Their research also revealed that a massive 72% of Year 7 pupils, who are 11-12 years old, have smartphones.

Chief Executive Carolyn Bunting said: "Giving a child a smartphone can give parents peace of mind and it offers children fantastic opportunities to leave, communicate and explore. But if children aren't prepared - they can face many digital challenges including managing friendship groups, pressure to have social media or even pressure to play certain games.

"Parents have a major role to play in equipping their children with the rights tools to navigate their online world - especially during this pivotal moment when they're facing a raft of change."


The majority of the UpBeat community are in education at the moment from all around the world. Let us know your thoughts on mobile phones being banned by law in schools below.

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Well, you learn something new everyday, Leon!
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They are also banned in Germany
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When i was in secondary school they banned the use of mobile phones from as soon as you step onto site until you step off site at the end of day. and if the teacher see you with a phone. they had full rights to confiscate it from you until your parent/guardian collects it from the school. and also you get a detention for it aswell.
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