GCSE results are out
2 years ago 132 Jake

GCSE results for the 2018 exams in the UK are out. Thousands of students got their long-awaited GCSE results today. Let's see how the country faired.


In England, there has been a reform in the GCSE exams and grading systems. The exams have been made harder and are now being graded 9-1, U rather than the old A*-G, U system. 

Despite the tough changes, results in England have actually increased rather than decreased. Grade 4 (Grade C) in England has increased by 0.5% up to 66.9%. 

Reporter Kie, who received his GCSE Results earlier today, said "I am over the moon with my results. I was worried, thinking that I was going to fail, but I got grade 6's in all of my exams apart from 3. I got a 3 in PE, a 4 in English Literature, and a C in ICT. The 6's were found in English Language, Maths, Combined Science (although I also got a 5 in that!), French and Spanish. I'm just really chuffed with the results! I know I deserve what I got!"

Around 4% of students in England were graded the top grade, Grade 9 (A*/A**). Around 732 pupils gained a Grade 9 in all of their subjects - making them high flyers. 

Around 17.2% of boys who sat papers this year got Grade A/Grade 7s. This is up from 16.4% last year. 23.7% of girls achieved Grade As/Grade 7s in this round of GCSE exams. 

Some students who took their GCSEs last year had to resit Maths and/or English Language to improve their grades. 161,000 of the students who took their Maths GCSE last year had to resit and around 149,000 of those students who took their English Language GCSE last year had to resit to improve their grades.

However, only 22.7% of the 161,000 students who resat their Maths got a Grade C/Grade 4. Also, 33.1% of the people who resat English got a Grade 4/Grade C.

In Wales, there was a different story.

Last year, it was reported in Wales that the overall GCSE pass rate was the lowest pass rate for GCSEs in a decade. This year, the overall pass rate in Wales continued to drop.

This year's results saw that the overall pass rate in Wales was 61.6%. In 2017 the overall pass rate figure was 62.8%.

However, the number of students who achieved higher grades, grades A/A* increased in Wales to 18.5%. 

Wales have had some reform to their GCSE exams like England, but have stuck to the traditional A*-G grade system.