Big Brother - The Eye of the Storm!
2 years ago 167 Kie


Last night, Emma Willis once again hosted the Live Launch of Celebrity Big Brother - The Eye of the Storm. This season saw 13 new Housemates enter the Celebrity Big Brother house to undergo the reality TV competition. This season saw the most cameras in the house, meaning that every action will be caught on camera. 

For those of you who don't know what Big Brother is, it's a reality TV programme where housemates must live together for approximately 2 months. It's a programme on British TV's shown on channel 5 each night, with occasional Live Evictions on Friday evenings.

This year, the 13 housemates who entered the house are all celebrities and have been in the "Public Eye" in recent storms. You will find the list of housemates below and their occupations.

  1. Kirstie Allie was the first housemate to enter the house. Kirstie is an American actress who has appeared in films such as Toothless, Prince of Bel Air and Madhouse.
  2. Second to enter the house was Ryan Thomas - a Coronation Street star from Manchester.
  3. Jermaine Pennant followed - a professional footballer who was arrested twice for Drink Driving.
  4. Ben Jardine was next to enter - a reality TV star ("Married at first sight")
  5. Then Chloe Ayling entered - a model who was kidnapped in Italy last year.
  6. Dan Osbourne then made his way into the house - a reality TV star who performed in The Only Way is Essex.
  7. Gabby Allen entered - a Love Island star who placed fourth on the TV series.
  8. Next, Hardeep Singh Kohli entered - a Glaswegian TV presenter.
  9. Natalie Nunn also entered the house that evening - a "Bad Girl" bitch from America.
  10. Rodrigo Alves entered the same evening - a "Human Ken Doll" who has undertaken 25 surgeries on his face.
  11. Then, Nick Leeson entered the house -  an English former derivatives broker famous for his time at Barings Bank.
  12. Roxanne Pallett entered next - an Emmerdale TV star.
  13. Sally Morgan also entered the house - also known as "Psychic Sally".

These 13 celebrities will all live together for the next 2 (approximate estimation). Willis also announced that Kirstie Allie will be the "President of the Big Brother House" until further notice, and the public voted for Ryan Thomas to be her "Vice President". These two strong characters in the house will hold power over the other housemates.