Today In History #2
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Today In History #2

Sorry for the long gap in between articles. Real life stuff kept getting in the way. I'm back now though!

So without any further ado. Lets get into it!

Significant Events.

  • 1807 Robert Fulton's steamboat, The Clermont, begins first trip up Hudson River. Ushering a new era of transportation!


The Clermont

  • 1940 Adolf Hitler orders a total blockade of Great Britain.
  • 1945 Indonesia's rulers declare the country independent. 
  • 1979 Monty Python's "Life Of Brian" premiers. Another Comedy from the Mighty Monty Python!
  • 1998 Bill Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton admits on tape that he had a physical relationship with her.

Famous Birthdays.

  • 1786 Davy Crockett. Frontiersman and soldier.
  • 1882 Samuel Goldwyn, Jewish Polish American movie Producer.
  • 1893 Mae West, american actress and singer
  • 1943 Robert De Niro, American actor
  • 2000 Gazzy Garcia AKA Lil pump, American Rapper


Robert De Niro

Well that's it for today's Today In History. Thank You for reading!