Kylie Jenner's 21st Birthday Party
10 months ago 58 Francesca

While Kylie Jenner recently turning twenty-one is already exciting news in itself, her party makes this birthday a bit more interesting. 


Kylie's birthday was on a Friday, but like most who turn twenty-one, they celebrate the night before to take a drink at midnight. The party was Barbie-themed and was held at the Delilah venue in Los Angeles, California. When it came time for the venue to close at 2 A.M. PST, the party-goers were not ready to leave, nor was the music ready to come to a halt. With no other choice, Delilah managers were forced to call the police and have them kick the Kardashians, and everyone else in the venue, out.

Many of the photos taken that night provide the evidence needed to prove that this party got out of hand. People still question if calling the police was the right thing to do, but others completely agree with the action and would have done the same.


The party could have been contained if there were a few less cocktails and gummy bear shots served, but how could anyone ruin someones 21st birthday like that?

Regardless of the party mishap, the Kardashians are all ready for next years party and claim it is going to be bigger, better, and longer. That comment may be to publicly criticize the venue, or maybe they are already planning the next party.