New GTA After-hours Update
2 years ago 142 Jake
Rockstar have finally released a brand new, long-awaited update to GTA Online, called "Afterhours"


This update is jam-packed with new features, such as Nightclubs, Celebrity DJs, Returning characters, new vehicles, new radio stations and much more.

Rockstar originally teased the GTA Online update in their trailer they posted on their YouTube channel on the 19th of July, 2018. 

Surprisingly, this update doesn't really empty your GTA virtual bank, as the cheapest nightclub to purchase in the game only costs $1,000,080 (before upgrades, of course). New cars added to the game are also, of course, optional and are on the cheaper side. The cheapest high-end car only costs players $909,000. 

The nightclub aspect of the update allows players to purchase a fully-functioning nightclub which includes; bars, DJs, guests and more. This nightclub will also work alongside players CEO and Motorcycle Club businesses, as an "underground hub" for all of your goods and supplies. Players can simply connect this by hiring staff and assign them to any part of their CEO/Motorcycle Club businesses i.e. counterfeit cash factory or their bunkers. The staff players hire will simply go and collect the goods from the segment of the business the player assigns them to and delivers them to your nightclub, for you to deliver.

On top of this, your nightclub can also be used to gain "passive money" - which is your nightclubs income from guests which adds up in your wall safe and is updated around every 50 minutes.

Your co-founder is the returning Tony from the GTA 4 DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony. He will run the nightclub alongside you and guide you on your nightclub missions.

The update also sees a celebrity DJ playing his part in the new GTA update by DJing in the DJ booth. The DJ is none other than DJ Solomun. He did an interview with BBC Radio 1 presenter, Pete Tong where he said he was "surprised" that he was involved in the game so much after they contacted him as he thought he would only be adding music into vehicles in GTA Online. The interview can be found here

More information about this update, with full explanations, can be found here.