Today In History #1
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Today In History #1 - 27th July 2018

Today In History is an informative article I will be writing every Friday. Today is the first instalment!

What is Today In History all about? You may be asking yourself. Well, if you are into your history or a just a curious mind its a weekly series where I will tell the history of the world, Music and non-music related things, famous birthdays and deaths.

Significant Events!

- 1586 Sir Walter Raleigh brings the first tobacco to England from Virginia! This can be see as a negative thing, but nevertheless it is a huge part of modern society.

- 1890 Vincent Van Gogh, world famous painter, shoots himself and succumbs to his injuries two days later. May he rest in peace and his art live on!

- 1909 Orville Wright, Aviator, tests the first US army plane! An event that will change the world of travel forever!

- 1921 Frederick Bantling, Physician, isolates insulin. Another event that will save millions of lives throughout history. To you diabetics out there, this man is the reason why you are able to get the medication you need!

- 1999 Tony Hawk, famous skateboarder, became the first person in the world to land a "900". To the uninitiated, that is a 2 and a half rotation in mid-air on a skateboard. Incredible!

- 2012 Queen Elizabeth II opens the 30th Olympic Games in London.

- 2017 Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, briefly became the world richest man... For half a day. A staggering net-worth of $91.4 Billion! That means he is richer than the entire nation of Barbados!

Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Famous Birthdays!

- 1881 Hans Fischer. German chemist and Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 1930

- 1949 Maureen McGovern. Singer.

Well, That's it for today's Today In History! I hope you all enjoyed and look forward to next week's instalment.

If you'd like to suggest a date, feel free to, and I will include it in a Bonus Section of the Weekly Series. Message me on Discord.