Weekly Rundown: Week SEVEN
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Welcome back to the Weekly Rundown, Week Seven.
Boy, has it been a journey.

I hope you're all enjoying these articles.
Please feel free to give me some feedback on Discord!

Let's get on with the article.


This week, we've had... oh wait.

Staff applications have been closed over the past week in preperation for 2.1

Applications will open again as normal on Saturday the 2nd of June, at 9pm.

However... we'd like to give a special shoutout to Flocc on becoming a permanent Media Manager and Vertex on becoming an OC Head DJ.

Congratulations to you both!


Like Leader (this week...)

This weeks most played song is Cash Cash - Overtime with 13 plays!


If you're in our public Discord server, you will be aware that 2.1 has been delayed! :O
In an annoucement posted by Jack, he claims that it wasn't quite ready for release and the extra week is necessary to ensure it's perfect.
He also mentioned that with it being bank holiday weekend here in the UK, not many people would've been able to make it to tune in.

2.1 is currently set to come out on the 2nd of June (Saturday) from 8-10pm. Tune in then!

It will be started off with UpBeat's Birthday and then the release of Version 2.1.
We can assure you that it is worth the wait...


That's it for this week!

Again, apologies for the delay of Version 2.1.
Hopefully you will be tuned in for the release, we can assure you you'll enjoy it!