Weekly Rundown: Week SIX
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Hello and welcome back to the Weekly Rundown: Week SIX!

If you didn't read the last article:
With 2.1 being less than a week away, staff applications will be closed.
They will be back after 2.1 (Obviously!)

Let's get into the article, shall we?


Today, we have 6 staff altogether.
We have 5 DJ's and 1 News Reporter

Welcome (back) to UpBeat! We're sure you'll enjoy it.


Today, I'm going to be introducing some new things to this section. See them below.

Like Leaderboard (this week)...

This week, so far on the "Like Leaderboard" is..

Congratulations (so far)!

BEAT of the week (BOTW)...

If you're not aware of Beat of the Week is UpBeat's most played in the last week.
Unlike the most liked DJ, this is only here for a week.

This week's most liked song is...

With 20 plays!


As it get's close to the release of 2.1 (with only 6 days left!), 
we've decided to close staff applications.

This is due to the staff team (mainly upper staff) being busy with the current staff.

After the release of 2.1, applications will be open once again!


Did you enjoy this week of Weekly Rundown? I did!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or anything else, 
please let me know via social media here.