Weekly Rundown: Week FIVE
2 years ago 205 Illusions

Welcome to the Weekly Rundown, week FIVE.
This week, we've got an exciting preview for you and some important information regarding staff applications.

Firstly, this week is the final week we'll be accepting staff applications until after the 2.1 goes live!
We're doing this so we can smoothly transition the backend of UpBeat bit by bit to our new format.
Apply while you can!

News reporter and DJ Applications can be found here.
Moderator applications are currently closed.


Altogether, we have 6 new faces to the team.
We have 2 news reporters and 4 DJ's.
 Welcome (back?) to upbeat!


This week, we've not really had a lot going on...
So this is where I'm going to say:
If you own a website, retro or forums, you can send in an enquiry here.


So, it's time for the preview...
We are trying very hard to keep certain parts of the 2.1 a secret. So we're having to be very careful about what we show you!
Here's this weeks preview:
What could it mean?!
Box and Jack are both working hard on the new site coming to us on the 26th of May.
If you haven't already, check out Jack's article on the 2.1 update!

In other news, our affiliate Habsay have gone global (ish)!

They now have an integrated client for Turkish players. Go check it out!

If you are an UpBeat affiliate and would like to be featured in next week's Weekly Rundown, get in touch!


That's it for this week... 
If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know on Discord!