Weekly Rundown: Week FOUR
2 years ago 182 Illusions

Welcome (back) to the new and improved Weekly Rundown.
Each week an article will be released on Sunday at 9 pm.
This week, we've decided to change it up a bit and change the logo, looks nice, right?

Anyway, let's get on with this week's updates...


This week, we've got quite a few new faces to the DJ team.
I'd like to welcome all of the 4 new Trial DJ's. (Welcome to UpBeat!)
Sadly, we've not got any Media Reporters.

We're always wanting new faces around UpBeat.
If you have what it takes, we recommend you apply!

If you want to be a DJ or Media Reporter, you can apply here.
Moderator Applications are currently closed.


Because we've shown enough sneak peaks, we feel like we should just say
that you should wait until the end of the month! 
All we can say is... It's worth the wait! ;)


HOWEVER, the release date for 2.1 has been announced...
If you were in our Discord server, you would have heard about it first!
You can join our discord server here

Earlier yesterday, an article was written on the release of 2.1, all of the updates and information
can be found here.


That's it for this week of Weekly Rundown.
If you would like to give me some feedback on this new-style article,
add me on my social media here.