2.1 Is Almost Here
1 year ago 392 Jack

It's official - Version 2.1 will be launching on the 2nd of June!

We don't want to give too much away too early, but here's a roundup of what you should know so far:

The Show

Join us on the 2nd of June (evening) to celebrate UpBeat's 2nd anniversary!
We will be on air all evening, with a variety of shows to keep you b u z z i n g.
The 2.1 launch night, is an event not to be missed!
More information to come soon...


If you've been keeping up with The Weekly Rundown's over the past few weeks, you will already have seen a taster of what 2.1 has to offer.
Here's what we've shown so far:



We have plenty more to show off, including a super secret project that not even our Management team know about!
All of which we will disclose soon...

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