Weekly Rundown: Week Three
2 years ago 233 Illusions
Welcome to Week 3 of the Weekly Rundown.
Are you ready for last weeks updates? Read them below!

Staff Changes 

This week, we've had 3 new staff. 
All together, we've had 1 new reporter and 2 new DJ's!

Congratulations to everyone that passed their trial this week, 
and welcome to everyone who's new to UpBeat!

However, this week we've made a few changes to our hiring process.
Whilst we try to keep our staff applications as open as possible to people starting out, we've decided to enforce some of our requirements a little further.
We hope that the overall quality of UpBeat will improve and help ensure that people tuned into UpBeat have a much more positive experience.

Site Updates 

This week, we've partnered up with another Habbo retro! Please welcome Hablot to the community!

If you lead a community, whether this is a retro, website, forum or anything else...
send in a partnership enquiry today!

What's Occurring 

Now let's get to the bit you're all here for. Version 2.1 updates! Ooooh
It's now safe to say that this time next month, Version 2.1 will be up and running!

In a few days time we will be releasing a little more information about Version 2.1:
We will be releasing the date & time of the launch show, alongside a brief rundown of what to expect on launch night!

After last weeks teasing preview, we're feeling generous - have two: 

dfe989d605ac.png  672bb0583b16.png

Exciting stuff!

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I hope you all enjoyed the third installment of the Weekly Rundown!
If you have any feedback, please let me know! You can find my social media here.