Weekly Rundown: Week One
2 years ago 335 Illusions
Welcome to the Weekly Rundown hosted by me, Illusions.
This will be released every Sunday at 9pm and will include updates on everything UpBeat!

Staff Changes

This week, our managers have been busy hiring 11 new trial DJ's and 1 News reporter! 
There's been a lot of things going on in the UpBeat staff team this week, including the introduction of 3 new Head DJ's. 
We'd like to welcome Amanda, Tom and Jake to the Head DJ team. We believe you will all do amazingly!

As of 9:20 on Sunday, we have 4 new trials! If you're thinking of applying, you're not too late! You have until 9PM on Monday to be instantly start your trial.
After that you'll have to wait until next Sunday! 

If you would like to apply to be a News Reporter or DJ, click here.
If you want to apply for a Moderator role, click here.

Site Updates

Starting today, we're totally revamping the kind of site content we post to UpBeat.
We're stepping away from the "world news" theme and focusing more towards UpBeat related news, events, gossip and much more!
You can expect to see things like this and other unique things on the news in the upcoming weeks.

If you are the owner of a community and would like to affiliate with us, get in touch!

What's Occurring

2.1... It's coming real soon. Are you excited? I sure am!
Box and Jack are still looking for your suggestions and really want to try out new things!
If you would like to see something added, send in your suggestion now before it's too late! This could be anything you want!
within reason ;)

We currently have a forum event that's still ongoing! The 5,000th replier will win £10 on us!
We've just hit the halfway mark. Join in today!
Click here for the rules and how to contribute.

Following our news revamp, we're also going to be improving the interactivity on our social media, now's the perfect chance to follow us if you don't already! 

I hope you all enjoyed the first installment of the Weekly Rundown!
If you have any feedback, please let me know! You can find my social media here.
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