33 questions to... Sand!
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Kie: Hello, David (Sand, you have been selected to take part in 33 questions to... here at UpBeat!

Kie: Could you please tell everyone what your role is here at UpBeat?
Sand: I'm an administrator here at UpBeat. The role mainly involves taking care of the radio when the owners aren't available, guiding the Management and being a leader.

Kie: How long have you been working at UpBeat for?
Sand: I've been working at UpBeat since May

Kie: What's the best part about UpBeat?
Sand: Helping others. It's my favourite part of it. I don't think anything better can come from knowing that I've helped someone out.

Kie: Well, let's make a start on the questions! I can't wait to hear your responses, David!


Kie: What can you not get right, no matter how hard you try?
Sand: Getting people to stay quiet in the Radio Department Chat.

Kie: Have you ever given to any charities?
Sand: I help fundraise for a charity that my friend helps runs involving Autism Awareness. I usually just make sure everything’s set-up properly nd all that jazzy

Kie: What is something that your friends would consider “so you”?
Sand: Pointing at a cute boy and going “I wanna bang him”

Kie: If you could convince everyone in the world to do one thing at one point in time, what would that thing be?
Sand: Jump I guess. See if the world would shake or something

Kie: What would be some of the most annoying things about having yourself as a roommate?
I always blast Metal Music I guess. I also like to randomly sing to songs no matter who’s in the room

Kie:  What personality trait do you value most and which do you dislike the most?
Sand: I value and dislike this equally. Being nice. Sometimes it backfires, but sometimes it can lead to the most greatest of friendships. I’ve been backstabbed too many times to like it, but so many good things have came from it that I can’t just dislike it.

Kie: What gets you fired up?
Sand: A good Latte I guess

Kie: What’s the best and worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Sand: The best would be to never be silenced, speak what you want to say. The worse would have to be doing anal with no lube

Kie:  What do you strongly suspect but have no proof of?
Sand: That this is just an experiment to get to know me better so that it’s easier to find my location

Kie:  When do you feel truly “alive”?
Sand: Not when I’m at school that’s a fucking fact

Kie:  What do you hope your last words will be?
Sand: I left the money in the...

Kie: Have you ever saved someone’s life?
Sand: No I wouldn’t know how to

Kie: What are you really good at, but kind of embarrassed that you are good at it?
Sand: Yu-Gi-Oh. Fucking ace at it but I don’t tell anyone.

Kie:  Which of your scars has the best story behind it?
Sand: I don’t have any

Kie: What’s the title of the current chapter of your life?
Sand: I’m still on Chapter 2 “Getting the fuck out of school”

Kie: What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned?
Sand: Anything in Maths honestly

Kie: What mistake do you keep making again and again?
Sand: Breathing in and Out huge mistake
Kie: Breathing is essential, please don't stop doing it unless you have to!

Kie: What do people think is weird about you?
Sand: I honestly just think I’m weird in general (not something to brag about), I just act differently I suppose lmao

Kie: What have you created that you are most proud of?
Sand: Nothing I’m not that special

Kie: What do you want to be remembered for?
Sand: Being an extremely kind person

Kie: What are some of your personal “rules” that you never break?
Sand: Never send a full on nude

Kie:  If you could make a 20-second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future, when would you call and what would you say?
Sand: Future, I’d say “Get a job you fucking loser”

Kie: What do you have doubts about?
Sand: Funny that this just comes off of 22, but I have doubts about my future in life.

Kie: If you could have a never-ending candle that smelled like anything you wanted, what fragrance would you want it to be?
Sand: Melted Chocolate
Kie: Ooh I agree! Love that smell...

Kie: What bends your mind every time you think about it?
Sand: Death and Resurrection.

Kie: What’s one responsibility you really wish you didn’t have?
Sand: Having to go to school everyday

Kie: What are the top three things you want to accomplish before you die?
Sand: 1. Find someone to love
2. Own a house
3. Big stacks

Kie: How close are you to accomplishing them?
Sand: I’m like 17 so 2%

Kie: What do you wish you could tell yourself 10 years ago?
Sand: Don’t touch that fucking laptop i s2g it’ll stop you from focusing on school

Kie: What do you think you’ll want to tell your current self 10 years from now?

Kie: What is the biggest lesson you never learned?
Sand: Quadratics

Kie: What’s the most immature thing that you do?
 Sand: Make fun of people and not care

Kie: What’s something that happened or something that someone said that changed how you view the world?
Sand: Bad way to round up this segment but, nothing, LMAO


Kie: Alright Sand, did you like the interview?
Sand:  I like it yeah, it was really fun!

Kie: Something you would like to say to the readers of the media section?
Sand: Keep reading articles

That's all for this week, folks! Take a read next week when we will be asking 33 questions to... who knows! 

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