An old face has returned...
2 years ago 282 Jack

DJ Fabulous (Liz) has been welcomed back to UpBeat as owner, she was previously one of two owners here at UpBeat when the station was established but she has returned following Jack offering her the role once again. UpBeat was opened by Liz and Jack in the late spring of 2016. They opened a welcoming community with people around the world.

Jack said this in the radio discussion chat:

"After a very long time away from her deserving role, I couldn't think of a better day other than her birthday (3 hours time) to make this rightful change.

Liz (aka Fabulous) is making a return as owner."

I spoke to Jack and he said this,

Cookie: Why did want Liz to become an owner again?
Jack: Was just a spontaneous decision really and she was up for it, there wasn't really anything to trigger the decision
Cookie: What do you want to work on firstly with Liz
Jack: Well she's only just come back so I can't really answer that question. Wait and see I guess!
Cookie: What did you enjoy most about working with Liz prior to her leave as owner
Jack: The best part of having Liz by my side is that we can get more done simultaneously as our strengths are different.

I also spoke to Liz,

Cookie: How did you react when you got offered owner again!
Liz: Well, he said it on call to me and I was trying to act all hard like no.. but I was like YES YES GIMMIE so yeah really happy
Cookie: What's the first thing you are gonna change/add to upbeat
Liz: fire Jack
All jokes aside she said
Liz: I want to focus on the management aspect of things and grow the communication more, as it's key to having a great site. Secondly, I wanna inspire people to be themselves and follow their dreams.
Cookie: What was your favourite thing as owner last time?
Liz: The best thing about being owner last time as having people being able to come to me about radio and personal problems, it made me connect with people on a completely different level.

If you love Liz and UpBeat you should join now!
You can join here and look at Liz's (Fabulous) profile here