UpBeat Miniature Awards Recap
2 years ago 142 Jack
UpBeat Minature Awards Recap!
Managed by DJ Fabulous
Hosted by DJ Liam!

Missed the Awards Show on Saturday Night? Here is a recap on the amazing show, managed by DJ Fabulous and hosted by DJ Liam!

The DJ That makes you laugh the Most:

 - Steph - Winner!
 - Cookie
 - Devy

Who is the most professional DJ:

- Jack - Winner!
- Liam
- Fabulous

Who is your favourite DJ:

- Sand - Winner!
- Unknown
- LilBlues

Best Female Voice:

- Fabulous - Winner!
- Dani
- Erin

Best Male Voice:

- Jack - Winner!
- Gem
- Untitled

Best Assistive Staff:

- Unknown - Winner!
- Erin 
- Lunar

Best Leading Staff:

- Callum - Winner!
- Box
- Silver

Best Senior Staff:

- Sand - Winner!
- Dani
- Steph

And that's the awards! A massive shoutout to DJ Fabulous for managing the awards and DJ Liam for getting through his sickness and hosting the awards for us!