New London to Edinburgh rail service begins!
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new London to Edinburgh rail service begins!

A brand new train operator is wanting to offer an alternative way of transport instead of flights with a new London to Edinburgh service. From Thursday morning, Lumo trains will run on the East Coast mainline and offer two services a day with fares starting from £15. The first journey left at 10:45 BST. It will approximately take four and a half hours, with stops at Newcastle and Morpeth. The full route on the East Coast mainline is currently served only by London North Eastern Railway (LNER). 

FirstGroup is the operator behind Lumo, they said they want to "reimagine what it means to travel by rail." Lumo promises to provide passengers with decent seats which have "optimized legroom and larger tray tables." They hope to have 10 services running from early 2022. Last month, the managing director said traveling "should not cost a fortune", particularly in the current environmental climate."


Image: Music artist Tom Walker performing on the first service | Source: BBC News

Up to 1st December, each trip will cost less than £19.90 as long as it is booked the day before travel. Tweets posted from Lumo's Twitter account highlight "up to 60% of tickets per service are under £30" and prices will vary depending on capacity.

Lumo has even reached capacity on most journeys, due to the popularity of the price of the ticket, it is quite cheap! Katie Price's son, Harvey Price, will be its diversity and inclusion, brand ambassador. The company aims to carry more than a million passengers every year on the East Coast mainline.  The service is 100% electric, benefitting the environment, so the company hopes that this will encourage people to take the train rather than use a plane to get from London to Edinburgh.


Image: People at King's Cross Station commuting | Source: BBC News

what do you think about this new service? are you going to use the service? let us know in the comments!

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damnn the train looks sick
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Incredible Article!
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We dont have trains you can ride on here all cargo
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Nice article, this seems very nice
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ooooo!!! very cute!
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lol live music on a train, thats next level lmao
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