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The 2000s! 

Trigger Warning: Mentioned of Murder and Rape!

I am pleased to announce the return of... True Crime Weekly, written by Andrew! In this first episode, we will be going back to the 2000s!

The Cleveland Strangler

The killer, in this case, was called Anothony Sowell. He is a former Marine's and is considered one of America serial killers and rapists known as Cleveland Strangler. In the year 2007-2009, he killed at least 11 women. However, his first crime was in 1989 where he was attempted to rape a pregnant woman. Luckily the women survived the incident, and Sowell was sentenced to 15 years in prison. That doesn't end there yet. Upon getting out of jail, the killer began murdering women while keeping their bodies in the empty halves of his duplex. The bad news for him was that the lady living with him smelled the bodies and eventually called the police. Sadly, just in January this year, he died at Franklin Medical Center for a terminal illness. 

A picture of the murderer. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

The Daytona Beach Killer

From December 2005 through December 2007, the Daytona Beach murderer was responsible for killing four women in the Daytona Beach, Florida region. Following the discovery of the first three victims, suspicions of a serial murderer were raised. 

The first victim was shot at the back of the head and was found dead in the alley on December 26, 2005, and DNA was recovered.  A year later, another woman was again shot at the back of the head. Unfortunately, the DNA wasn't able to be recovered. Then a month later, another body was found, but this time, the woman wasn't shot at the back of the head. 

The last victim was again shot in the head on December 11, 2007. However, her body wasn't found until January 2, 2008. According to police, the facts surrounding the crime are also eerily similar to the three prior unsolved homicides.

On September 16, 2019, Daytona Beach Police stated that DNA evidence has linked 37-year-old 'Robert Hayes,' previously arrested for first-degree murder in 2016, to three of the four murders.

Picture showing the victim of the murder. (Image Credit: CBS News)

What do You guys think about these crimes? Let us know down in the comment below! 

4 weeks ago
World is not safe anymore its sad
1 month ago
Literally scares me, bro the World ain't safe.
1 month ago
Thanks for bringing TCW back. Loved writing about all those crimes! Keep it up!
1 month ago
These are scary. Haha.
1 month ago
Indeed it is sir.
1 month ago
AAAA!! This is my new fav article, I am a sucker for crime. Great article Andrew! Keep the work up. 💪CAPTION!! 💪
1 month ago
Thanks for your amazing comment Cal!
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