90 people arrested at England Euro 2020 games, new figures reveal
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90 people arrested at England Euro 2020 games, new figures reveal

There were a total of 92 arrests at England home matches during the 20/21 season and 90 of those occurred during Euro 2020, figures by the Home Office reveal. England played all but one match at Wembley Stadium on the road to the finals, and unfortunately lost on penalties to Italy. They also played Scotland in a group game.

39 arrests related to football were at the Euro 2020 final, 28 at the Scotland game and 18 at the Denmark semi-final match. The Football Association is going to find out next week if England would have to play any home games at Wembley without any fans as a result of the Euro 2020 finals and other matches.

Fans were able to force their way into the stadium without a ticket, on the day of the Euro 2020 final on the 11th July.


Image: Wembley on the day of the Euro 2020 final | Source: BBC News

All 2,978 scheduled matches of the 20/21 season were played, but due to the pandemic, 93% were played without fans and 7% had reduced capacity crowds. The number of football arrests fell from 1,089 to 116. The number of banning orders also went down from 360 to 208.

There were 1,359 banning orders in total on the 1st August of this year, Birmingham City had 54, the highest for a club and Liverpool with 44, the highest in the Premier League. With regards to online incidents like racism, the Home Office said it is  "currently exploring how best to capture and report on all online abuse and hate crime connected to football".

It also added: "These are recorded through a number of different streams, and it is not currently possible to fully capture and report on them alongside figures on hate crime reported at specific matches."


Image: Police Support Teams dealing with England fans | Source: Reuters

did you attend any euro 2020 games? what were your experiences? let us know in the comments!

2 days ago
I didn't attend, but looks crazy.
5 days ago
People are just crazy these days
1 week ago
i understand people often go crazy about football, but they really do not need to take it to the level where they get arrested for it
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