What's on? Week 34!
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What's On?: Week 34!

First of all welcome to What's On! Previously created by another Media Reporter but taken over. Each week we will go over some recommendations of TV and Films and show a review on them. If you do have any suggestions, do not fret to DM me! Now let's get on with this review! 

This week's theme is: Disney+ Releases


  • Free Guy
  • Black Widow
  • Logan

Free Guy

A bank teller, he discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game, he decides to become the hero of his own story, his own version, which he can rewrite himself. In a world where there is no limits, no rules, he is determined to save the day before it is too late. He might even find a little romance with the coder made him. Free Guy shows what it would be like to live in a Super Hero world, and I think this film is fab. It is funny, it has amazing cameos in it, and overall is a great film! I do recommend watching this film.


Source: Disney+

Black Widow

I have talked about this article before, but I think an improvement is due! Natasha Romanoff, a former KGB spy is shocked to find out that her ex-handler General Dreykov is still alive and running his Black Widow conspiracy. She later finds out that the tourched things that he has been doing, and what he has done to all of these women. While on her mission, she meets her Sister, Mother, and Father and has a family reunion. Fighting her battles and evading capture, she meets Taskmaster, who learns her every move, which makes it harder to fight them. After all this, she is now forced to show her past and what lies between her, and her family. This film is amazing. Easily my favorite Marvel film that I have watched. It is just amazing. I do recommend watching it because it is funny, and also a great story showing what actually happened.


Source: Film Magazine


Following him being Wolverine, he comes out of retirement of his mutant life and escorts a young mutant, Laura to a safe place. He meets other mutants, who have been experimenting on other mutants, an evil corporation. Logan goes out and tries to stop these people. Logan is a film that I did not expect to happen. Following the events of X-Men, I did not expect anything to come of Logan anymore and what he does. Overall, I think that this is a great film! 


Source: IndieWire

What do you think of this week's theme? Give me your suggestions for next week!

1 week ago
free guy looks so good
2 weeks ago
cant wait
2 weeks ago
Cant wait to watch Free Guy! I wonder if any Disney+ movies are going to be released onto DvD form?
2 weeks ago
Nice article, thank you for the recommendations, i like logan lol
2 weeks ago
I've got to check out Free Guy, it sounds like a very good thing to watch!
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