Amazon released its first home robot called Astro
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Amazon released its first home robot called Astro 

Amazon unveiled its long-awaited home robot on Tuesday. Astro is the name of the device, and it will cost $999. Last week, I got the opportunity to see it in action at an Amazon demo, and I wanted to give my opinions on what Astro is, what it can and can't do, and why Amazon opted to make a household robot.

Astro appears to be an odd device for Amazon to release. The business is primarily recognized for being an internet retailer. And its AWS cloud business accounts for the majority of its operational earnings.

Astro is a "Day 1 Edition" product, which means it won't be available to everyone right once. Instead, Amazon will urge users to join up for an account before inviting them to purchase the robot. This helps Amazon avoid producing too many devices that will not sell and a public flop like the Amazon Fire Phone, cancelled in 2015.


An image of the Astro Robots. (Image Credit: CNBC) 

Astro is the size of a medium-sized dog. It moves about your house on three wheels, two large ones that keep it from getting trapped and a smaller one that allows it to rotate. It includes a camera mounted on a 42-inch arm that can monitor your house as Astro patrols while you're gone. On its 10-inch touchscreen, it can follow you around and play music or watch TV programmes. You may fill up two drinks in the back storage compartment and order Astro to carry them to someone in the living room if you want it to remember faces.

Picture of the Astro Robots as shown in the advertisement. (Image Credit: Financial Times)

Astro is a mash-up of several of Amazon's other devices mounted on wheels. The cameras, which combine Amazon's Ring cameras with its Echo Show smart displays, may be used for home security or video communication. When you first set up Astro, the cameras are also utilized to generate a map of your home. You can ask Astro for sports scores or the weather, in the same way you would an Echo or Alexa – you even change the name to Alexa if you like. You may also watch movies and TV shows, much like on an Amazon tablet or Fire TV.

What do you all think about this new robot amazon made? Let us know in the comment below!

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cool product, time to buy it.
2 weeks ago
Nice article, this seems very good lol
2 weeks ago
This is amazing lol
2 weeks ago
Lol the shape its got is very weird, otherwise it sounds like a cool product! (quite expensive tho haha)
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