Windows 11 what to know?
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Windows 11 what you should know!

We have taken a look at Windows 11 and will be telling you in this Article what you Should know about the Soon releasing Windows 11.


Image: Showing Several Laptops Running Windows 11 | Source Microsoft

Most Important there are the System requirements, which many Computers for this Update will not meet because Microsoft wants to improve the security of your computer against Hackers and prevent Malware to be executed on your computer, for this the most notable requirements are, that you Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 and to have UEFI and Secure Boot active.

The other System requirements stay more or less the same. A Full List of the requirements you can find on the Official Microsoft Website. Microsoft Provides even a Tool to check if your Computer is Compatible to be upgraded. There is no need to get up and buy a new Computer now for Windows 11, as Windows 10 will be supported and updated till the Year 2025.


Image: Showing Windows 11 Desktop | Source Microsoft

The Rollout for Windows 11 will be on October 5th after around 6 Years after the release of Windows 10 and the update will be free for everyone, who already owns a copy of Windows 10. The rollout this time will be in a "phased and measured approach", as Microsoft said in their Tuesday Blog, this means, that only New and fully compatible Devices will get the new Update, Older Devices, which are Compatible will get the Update by mid-2022.

Following Microsoft's Tuesday blog the Highlights of this Release will be the following:

New Design, Microsoft 365 Cloud Features, New Snap Layouts, Microsoft Teams Chat App Integration, AI-Powered Widgets, Best Performance for Gaming, Updated Microsoft Store, Better Inclusively for People with Special Needs, More Features for Native Windows 11 Apps, Optimization for Speed and efficiency, Better IT Management Options for IT

A Full List of the Highlights are available on the Microsoft Blog which you can view here.

What do you think about this, let me know down below!

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im ready to update now!
3 weeks ago
I love Windows 11!! It is so clean and cool.
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