Lorry Driver shortage blamed for lunch menu cuts
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UK Driver shortage blamed for lunch menu shortage

The UK's Lorry driver shortage is being blamed for the school's lunch menus cuts. Lancashire County Council has said that "food deliveries were being hit by the issue" The council is responsible for providing at least 65,000 meals a day. The people in charge of education have promised children will still have their healthy meals at lunch at school. 

Due to the driver shortage in the UK, approximately 500 schools will be offering a reduced lunch menu to students from next week on Monday. This new menu that the school will be focusing on giving will include sandwiches, soups, and Jacket potatoes as well as fresh fruit. Students will also be able to have water or fresh organic milk to drink with their lunch. 


Truck Driver Shortage - Google

The education and skills of the county councils cabinet manager, Jayne Rear, has said that "We're reducing the menu for all our students to make it fair for everybody and we will reduce it for a couple of weeks so we can replenish our stocks hopefully to be back running after half-term."


Jayne Rear, Cabinet Manager for Education and Skills - Source BBC

The education authority has said that they have strict specifications for the meals the schools will be serving so that everyone gets the same and that there is enough. They also have said, "All of its suppliers are classified as 'local' while 75% of the food purchases is produced in the UK."

The headteacher of St Lawrence CE Primary School has said "I'm happy the menu we are providing meets all the nutritional requirements. The bottom line is that they are going to get a warm meal and there will be a variety."

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3 weeks ago
Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon!
3 weeks ago
Sounds like a huge problem, Lorry drivers are being hard hit and the flow on effect is being felt now. Hope things will change!
3 weeks ago
People are always blamed here, these shortages of all types keep happening!
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