TikTok Claims to have over one billion monthly active users
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Tiktok claims to have over one billion monthly active users 

TikTok has achieved one of the most prestigious achievements in the digital sector. In a blog post published Monday, the business said that it now has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it the first social networking app not owned by Facebook (FB) or Google (GOOGL GOOGLE) to do so.

People spent more time on their phones during the epidemic, which increased the popularity of the short-form video app. As more people seek to make a career by publishing material to social networking platforms, it has benefitted from and spurred the expansion of the creative business. Despite an attempt by US President Donald Trump's administration last year to shut down TikTok in the United States, the Chinese-owned app has grown in popularity. While Trump's effort failed, the app has been banned in India and is under investigation by European regulators for its data privacy practices and children's safety.


Picture showing TikTok on an iPhone. (Image Credit: HoangHaMobile)

TikTok has also maintained its reputation despite competitors launching copycat products, including Instagram's Reels, YouTube's Shorts, and Snapchat's Spotlight.

The app's month-to-month energetic customers in August had been up 25% compared to the equal month last year, in step with app keep intelligence corporation Sensor Tower.

The statement solidifies TikTok's place to a few of the aggressive ranks of legacy social media structures like Facebook, YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram, the latter of which hit 1 billion month-to-month customers in June 2018. By contrast, Snapchat (SNAP), which has been around almost two times as long, stated in advance this year that it had reached 500 million month-to-month energetic customers. When Twitter (TWTR) suggested this metric in 2019, it had 330 million month-to-month enthusiastic customers.


A picture showing some Tiktok Videos. (Image Credit Thu Thuat AC)

TikTok turned into a hit in drawing in greater millennials and high-profile creators from Instagram and different sites during the pandemic. TikTok released a $1 billion writer fund to inspire customers to create content material at the platform.

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3 weeks ago
I don't use Tik Tok but from what i have seen its very cool but also i think it has helped creators out also i think there are some advantages and disadvantages to it.
3 weeks ago
Tiktok is good, However they Treat a lot of creators like they are irrelevant. Falsely taking down videos for "Harassment & Bullying" , Terminating accounts for no reason. Allowing under 13 kids to be on the app when they not allowed and does nothing to it. Tiktok needs a serious change in their Moderation
3 weeks ago
Tik Tok has changed the way we social media, although some are using it for good, there will always be those who try get political or other messages through the platform. I do hope something will change.
3 weeks ago
I have used tiktok before, but I do not anymore because it just wasted my time :shrug:
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