Champions League Roundup!
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Champions League Roundup! Messi can’t help PSG win in the Champions League and United lose in a shock defeat to young boys

This week’s Champions League roundup includes all of the premier league’s teams as well as two other big games. 

The final scores:

Manchester City
Club Brugge
3-2AC Milan
Young Boys
2-1Manchester United
Sporting CP

Below you will find all the individual match reports to the games mentioned above!

Manchester City VS RB Leipzig 

Pep Guardiola took charge of his 300th game for the city and what a great game it would turn out to be. The city started strong early on as they got the first goal from a brilliant corner from Grealish which was headed in by Ake. He climbed above the defenders to score the first of many for the city. They continued this as Mahrez put a shot just wide.


Ake scoring the first goal of the game | Credit: BBC

Not long after, City scored a second. De Bruyne put in a cross and Mukiele tried to pass the ball back to his keeper by heading it but he misjudged the header and scored an own goal. City led the game 2-0 in the first 28 Minutes. Leipzig did not get many chances but on one occasion they broke away but Ake got back to clear the ball and stop them from getting the final touch. They got forward again and played the ball around the edge of the box until a cross was put in. Nkunku received the ball and headed it past Ederson to make it 2-1.


City responded to this well as they received a penalty, the ref gave handball and after a short VAR check they secured the penalty. Mahrez took the penalty and placed it in the top right corner to make it 3-1 at the end of the first half. Leipzig began the start of the first half with a goal to put the pressure on City, They won the ball in their half and ran down the pitch into City’s box, they then crossed it into the head of Nkunku who scored his second of the game. City got the ball from a terrible clearance on the half way line and got it to Grealish who took a step inside towards the box, he then took a shot and scored a great goal to put City two goals ahead once more.


Grealish celebrating his first goal of the game | Credit: Sky Sports

City got another opportunity but it was given offside. This would be unfortunate for City as Nkunku scores his hattrick. He got a shot away from a tight angle and brought the scoreline to 4-3. This would be the last goal for Leipzig as City would go on to score two more. The 5th was from an amazing shot from Cancelo on the edge of the box and Jesus finished the scoring with a shot from a loose ball in the box. 


Cancelo Celebrating City's 5th goal | Credit: Manchester Evening News

What a performance from City, they were able to fight off Leipzig to win 6-3.

Club Brugge VS PSG

PSG took on Club Brugge and it looked to be an easy game for them but Brugge had another thing coming. PSG looked as if they were going to walk away with the game as they scored in the 15th minute. They got the ball down the wing, they then put the ball across the box where Herrera placed it in the back of the net. 


Messi celebrates PSG's first goal | Credit: BBC

Only twelve minutes later Club Brugge copied PSG with the ball across the box. Vanaken scored to equalize and made it 1-1.  PSG came close again when they hit the crossbar but they were unable to get anything else. Club Brugge also came close but Navas made a great save. The game finished 1-1.

Liverpool VS AC Milan

Liverpool Took on AC Milan at Anfield. Liverpool came close early on but the shot from Origi went wide and didn’t cause the goalkeeper any issues. AC Milan played the ball around the back and ended up giving the ball away but were able to save themselves by blocking the ball. Liverpool looked very dangerous in the first few minutes of the game. Liverpool once again got the ball in a dangerous position, Arnold ran into the box and swung at the ball. Tomori slid in to block the ball but he ended up turning the ball into his own net. With that it was put as an own goal and 1-0 to Liverpool.


Salah scored the first goal of the match | Credit: Independent

Liverpool once again got into the box where Robertson took a shot which VAR claimed hit the AC Milan’s defender’s arm. The penalty was given and Salah took it, the goalkeeper guessed the right way and saved it.  AC Milan finally took a chance in the 41st minute, they played the ball around Liverpool before Rebic took the shot and put it in the right-hand corner. The game was 1-1. AC Milan then went down the pitch only two minutes later and scored again to take the lead. The first shot was blocked but Diaz made sure his shot went in. Within two minutes AC Milan had taken the lead. 

Straight from kick-off AC Milan went down the pitch and tapped it home but unfortunately, it was given offside. This would have sealed the game as Liverpool wouldn’t have had a chance. Liverpool got the ball over the defense and into Salah, he took a touch to put it over the keeper to bring the game back level. Liverpool then took the lead when Henderson scored a brilliant volley. The ball had been cleared out of the box and on his first touch, he struck the ball.


Henderson scored the winner for Liverpool | Credit: BBC

The game finished 3-2, what a way to score the winner in such a big game.

Chelsea VS Zenit

Both teams started the game well and nothing considerable happened until the 37th minute of the game. Zenit placed a corner into the end of the box where the shot was curled into Mendy’s hands. The first shot on target didn’t end up doing much damage but it did show how slow the start of the game had been. Chelsea then went down the other end of the pitch a few minutes later but Lukaku just headed the ball well over the goal. Again, Chelsea went down the pitch but the shot was saved by the Zenit keeper in the early stages of the second half. 

The Chelsea defender Rudiger began a run from a throw-in on the edge of his own box and made it all the way into Zenit’s box but his shot was just wide of the post. Chelsea, we’re getting closer but just missing the mark. Rudiger did however get back and did his fair share of defending to stop the Zenit stricken from going one on one with Mendy. The big moment came in the 68th minute when Azpilicueta put in a looping cross from behind, Lukaku got his head to it first and put it past the goalkeeper at his near post. 


Lukaku scored the only goal of the game | Credit: BBC

Both teams had some great chances but neither were able to take them leaving the game 1-0 at full time. 

Young Boys VS Manchester United 

United started off quite shaky as they had to defend against a very strong striking force, Young Boys had got very close after only two minutes. However, it was United who took the lead. Fernandes put in a great cross that Ronaldo placed under the Young Boys goalkeeper's legs to put United ahead. 

Young Boys got down the other end of the pitch and forced a great save from De Gea. United was able to collect the ball and run down the pitch but Ronaldo didn’t put the best shot towards the keeper who just pushed the ball out for a corner. Wan-Bissaka received the ball from a pass and as the Young Boy's player got the ball he challenged him and the referee deemed the challenge by Was-Bissaka to be a red card. United went down to ten men. 


Wan-Bissaka shown the red card | Credit: BBC

Young Boys almost scored from this but the shot narrowly missed the target. In the second half Young Boys got a bit of a scare when Ronaldo ran through on goal and went down in the box. The referee said no penalty and let play continue. Young Boys scored in the 66th minute when Hefti put in a great cross along the floor into Ngamaleu who took the opportunity to bring the game onto level terms. 

After that, Young Boys had some great opportunities but they waited until the very last minute to score the winner. Lingard tried to pass the ball back to De Gea in the 95th minute but his pass was too short. Siebatcheu ran into the loose ball and put it into the back of the net. Young Boys had beaten the Red Devils. 


Siebatcheu sored the winner for Young Boys | Credit: BBC

The game finished ,only seconds after United kicked off, at 2-1. 

Sporting CP VS Ajax

The game started very quickly with Haller scoring in only 2 minutes. A ball was put past the keeper but it hit the post and Haller headed it in to make it 1-0. Only seven minutes later he had already scored a second. The ball was booted upfield where Antony was, he ran into the box and put the ball across it where Haller slotted it into the net. 

Sporting Lisbon hadn’t had a shot on target until their only goal. The goal came when Paulinho latched onto the ball which had been put behind the defenders, his shot went under the keeper's arms and into the net to make the game 2-1. The chance of a comeback was short-lived as Ajax scored only six minutes later. Bergius got the ball from a through ball and took one touch to get it past the goalkeeper. 

In the second half, Paulinho thought he had made it 3-2 from a brilliant header but VAR ruled it to be offside. This would be the end of Sporting Lisbon as Haller scored again from a tap-in just outside the 6-yard box. This was Haller’s first-ever hat trick. 


Haller scored 4 against Sporting | Credit: ESPN

The game ended 5-1.

Do you think PSG will win the Champions League with the ultimate attack they have? Let us know down below!

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Huge amount of detail here but great article. PSG will probably win tbh
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Woah, I love the detail put into this, absolutely amazing!
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Nice article, I really enjoyed man city vs leipzig match
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