Facebook Gaming expands access to licensed music
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Facebook expands access to licensed music to more creators! 

Everyone loves listening to music, especially while playing games. Since the start of online streaming services like Twitch, and YouTube Live, A lot of streamers both new and old alike have been jamming out to the best music which has been the main target of copyrighted materials.  Last year the streaming and gaming industry was in a major uproar when media companies like Warner Music Group and other labels started sending out bulk DMCA and copyright infringement requests to all major streaming services, the ones most affected by it have been Twitch. Recently, Facebook Gaming has been working on securing licensure for its streaming users. 

credit: Female streamer playing a game | Engadget.com 

Since last September partners on Facebook Gaming were able to jam out to a select range of artists and labels in the background of their gameplay including (Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, BMG, Kobalt, and Merlin) without the worry of takedown notices or any copyright strikes against them. This gives Facebook an upper hand in the streaming industry whereas big player Twitch doesn't have those kinds of deals with the labels and still are under a massive copyright microscope. This massive bombardment of takedowns by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) back in June caused a big scramble for companies like Facebook to take action. Since then Facebook has been letting more creators play the licensed music in the background. 

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Currently, Facebook Gaming's "Level Up" members are now able to have some of the same perks as their partners, such as being able to monetize their streams with the Facebook Stars currency, ads, paid subscriptions, and now the ability to play music on their streams that are copyrighted, BUT, the creators are not limited to just the list and can play almost any song they like. Facebook has noted that there are certain songs that the streamer is not protected from and will send a notification to remove the song from the playlist or risk getting into trouble.  Along with the live broadcasts the deals also cover archived streams and Videos On Demand (VOD's) but also clips that are made by the stream and viewers. Giving more creators the ultimate freedom to express themselves and not feel limited in their music selection. 

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4 weeks ago
Great article i dont stream on facebook but hope it gets to twitch soon.
1 month ago
Facebook are still trying, like apple with the new iPhones. 😭
1 month ago
Good article.. I'm already licensed with Monstercat on twitch so this doesn't bother me
1 month ago
nice article, i hope this gets added to twitch
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