10 Questions To... Doron!
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After the success of last week's edition,  "10 questions to..." is back with a brand new edition for one week only, Doron, will be taking a seat and answering my questions so we can all get to know him better! 

Last week, Kacper nominated Doron, and I couldn't wait to how Doron would respond to the questions...

So without further ado... it's time for 10 QUESTIONS TO... Doron!


Kie: Who are you and what do you do at UpBeat?
Doron: Hey! I'm Doron, I am 16, and I live in Israel. I am a Radio Presenter for UpBeat, and I have been here for over 2 years now.

Kie: What do you most enjoy about being a Radio Presenter at UpBeat?

Doron: I enjoy the process of presenting the radio shows, putting music on, and sharing it with the other listeners. In addition to that I really like getting song requests and shoutout requests, I like the audience engagement. 

Kie: How did you discover UpBeat and what made you want to apply initially?
Doron: Well I am not very proud of it, but I was playing Farming Simulator 19, and I heard a competitor's radio station in game, and I thought it was cool and wanted to try it, but I didn't meet the age requirement for their station, so I searched up other online radio stations, and I found UpBeat and applied. 


Kie: Which celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10 out of 10?

Doron: Hmmm, probably Britney Spears. Her music is quite amazing, and well she looks amazing for her age, and after having several kids, in addition to that she played one of my favorite characters in How I Met Your Mother - Abby the receptionist.

Kie: What is the dumbest way you've been injured?

Doron: Oh god... I don't know if I want to answer that, but since you asked nicely, I will. In 2018 my friends and I were messing around in my friend's basement, and then my friend started messing around on the treadmill, he set it speed to the maximum amount, which was 15 km/h, and the incline to the maximum amount and started running - and then, being the dumbass 14 year old I was, I wanted to try it to, I think you can see where this is going, I went on the treadmill with NO SHOES ON, and I fell, I sprained my arm, my left leg, and, the for cherry on top, my right leg got stuck in the treadmill's mechanism, and well, I won't say what happened in detail, since its quite disturbing, but it hurt so badly, I spent the night in the ER. 

Kie: If you could choose your name... what name would you choose and why would you choose that name?

Doron: I would probably change my name to something that other people can pronounce properly, but still a unique name. 

Kie: If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Doron: What's really happening in Area 51? 

Kie: I don't think we will ever know... :(

Kie: What topic would you give a 20-minute presentation on with 30 seconds notice?

Doron: Aviation, specifically airplanes, I have been interested in aviation for a long time, and I have edited aviation YouTuber's Swiss001 videos for over a year, so I can say confidently I know my way around aviation.

Kie: What subject do you wish you studied at school but didn't?

Doron: The human body and health.

Kie: What would your perfect meal be?

Doron: I like Spaghetti a lot, especially if it's very cheesy, and has unique cheeses. So that would be my perfect meal.


Kie: I know the article is called 10 questions to... but I have one more question for you! Who would you like to nominate for next week's article?

Doron: I nominate Disco.


1 week ago
always nice to know more about our staff lol, looking forward to Disco's interview!
1 week ago
Awesome, excited for my interview! Hit me up whoever is gonna interview me!
1 week ago
im Imaging the treadmill now and now im scared
1 week ago
I have never got on a treadmill ever since
1 week ago
1 week ago
Treadmills are the scariest ways to get injured
1 week ago
Yes. I have never got on a treadmill ever since.
2 weeks ago
thats nice
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