Mason Mount: England defeats Hungary despite unrest
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Mason Mount: England defeats Hungary despite unrest

Mason Mount, a midfielder for England's national team said to reporters that he has found the Hungary fans, who had to face the 4-0 loss to their country and caused unrest, a 'disgrace' due to their behavior during the match between England and Hungary in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. 


Credit: Manchester Evening News 

At the stadium, the British broadcasters present have reported that they heard monkey chants from Hungary stands and they seem to be targeted at black players of England's team and they also threw cups of beer at players celebrating their goals after they scored a total of 4 goals against them.

Mount continued on what he had to say, saying that when the whole stadium is against him and his team, they grew together. They also knew what will happen as they spoke to each other about it and it will be a hostile environment, but they revel in the circumstances. They wanted to show what the whole team can do with the football on their feet to silence the rowdy Hungary fans.


Credit: Daily Star

He continued further, "As soon as we scored... you could tell within the atmosphere that something was going to be thrown or something would happen and luckily no one got hurt. We obviously have had it in the past and it's a disgrace how it keeps on happening. When these things happen, consequences need to take place. The FA will be speaking to FIFA about it and hopefully, it keeps getting put to them and they hand out bans. It needs to stop and we need to get this out of football."

FIFA, who is in charge of football all over the world, has made a statement stating that they have started an investigation regarding this incident of racism and has also said to reporters again about their zero-tolerance against racism anywhere on football pitches.


Credit: Football London

As for the next few matches, England will be facing off Andorra on 5 September, before they play against Poland on 8 September for the rounds of the World Cup Qualifiers but Mount thinks that England's team will be stronger and stronger and will be more confident despite a heavy loss in the Euro 2020 final against Italy. 

Mount spoke to reporters again: "I don't think we have ever been scared of anything. We know what we have got in the team and to come off the Euros final and what happened in the summer. This was a massive win and especially in the group as it has put us more ahead. We won't take a breather. We have two more games this camp and we are ready to keep pushing."

What do you think about England's performance, and if the Hungary fans should be punished? Let us know in the comments!

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Brilliant work by the England team. Authorities need to do soooooo much more however
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