New Spotify Feature allows for playlists with your BFF
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share a playlist with spotify's new "blend" feature! 

Spotify has upped their game once again! We all love sharing music, and Spotify has been at the forefront of that avenue for a long time with features from discord sharing to web browsers. Even the family plans allow for multiple people to enjoy. Last week they announced the start of their new feature called "Blend", This feature will allow you and your friends to create a singular playlist and merge the parties' music tastes into one big collective. 


credit: Spotify Phone App Blend feature | wearecentralpa

Blend launched into beta in early June to test the waters of such a feature with a lot of mixed feedback but overall it is mostly positive. The goal of the new feature was to allow friends and family to discover how each other's music tastes overlap. Since its June release, Spotify released Blend on Tuesday to all Free and Premium users, and you can use this feature simply by navigating over to the Made For You hub and hitting invite to send an invitation to connected friends with either the free or premium accounts. Once your connected friends accept the invite Spotify will then create a custom track-list made of songs both of you love and additional song selection recommendations that will look at your tastes and preferences. 


Credit: Blend Feature in Spotify Mobile App | WikiHow

Now, why have a premium account if you can use it free? Well, other than the obvious ad-free listening, when using Blend, premium users are able to tell which user has contributed to the playlist since the playlist will list user's preference's in music that inspired the algorithms playlist generation. Here is the interesting thing, When two users create a blend playlist, You will get what will be known as a "Taste Match Score" which will grade how similar or unique both users are compared to other connected friends. Blend will also update automatically daily and adapt based on the listener's stream, combining some of the best personalization and collaborative playlist functionality in one single shared playlist, which of course you can brag to all your social media friends!  

would you use Blend? what are you thoughts? Let us know! 

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