iPhone 13 leaked in TV Show!?
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apple fans think they've spotted the new iphone 13!

Apple fans think they've detected a tremendous clue that the following iPhone will come without an irritating indent.

In a new scene of Apple TV Plus sitcom Ted Lasso, a person employs an iPhone without the nosy pattern at the highest point of the showcase. The show stars Jason Sudeikis as an American football trainer accountable for anecdotal soccer group AFC Richmond and regularly portrays Apple items.

In a scene that was broadcasted on August 27, a person donned an iPhone without the score that houses the gadget's selfie camera and Face ID sensors.

Apple is vigorously reputed to uncover four new iPhones during a virtual occasion in mid-September.

The current year's feature is relied upon to fall on September 14 with the handsets dispatching overall ten days after the fact.
Breaks and bits of hearsay propose that four models are underway: The iPhone 13 Max Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini.


source: cnet.com

While it would be surprising for the organization to uncover subtleties of an item in front of a dispatch - the notchless handset feels like a bizarre incident.

The indent has been a staple of the iPhone's plan since 2017's iPhone X and is a wellspring of discussion among tech geeks. It's normally censured for taking up an enormous part of the screen. Opponents like Samsung and Huawei eliminated indents from their telephones years prior. The presence of a notchless iPhone in Ted Lasso has fanned the flares of reports that Apple is wanting to container the indent not long from now.

They'll apparently run in cost from around £600/$600 as far as possible up to £1,500/$1,500.


source: techunwrapped.com | The so called iPhone 13 "leak"

Obviously, Apple hasn't authoritatively reported another iPhone or a 2021 September occasion yet, so this is all, at the end just rumors.

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3 weeks ago
iPhones are legit a copy paste with a little tweak from the last model at this point in terms of style
3 weeks ago
Shame they continued with the 12 style.
3 weeks ago
They just look all the same now! Great article Adonis!
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