Who is Sonia Kruger, and why doesn't she age?
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Popular Australian TV Host Sonia Kruger has revealed that she had never paid attention to her health when she was younger, she realises now the importance of healthy food and staying fit.

Sonia Kruger from Big Brother Promo

Now we all know our beloved Sonia Kruger, well if you're me, or Australian... Sonia is an Australian TV Host and is most known for Hosting Big Brother Australia or The Voice Australia, Sonia is 56 years young, and she some how never appears to "Age" so whats her secrets?

Sonia has been a regular on Australian TV for years, but in her real life, it was all "Pizza & Champagne" she quoted, and that getting some good sleep was not a norm for her. Ever since the birth of her daughter in 2015 her health had improved massively, and its shown, this also resulted in her launching her own fitness and health program, known as "Strictly You" in 2019. "Champagne & Pizza" is no more.

Sonias Strictly You Fitness and Health program.

We will soon see Sonia on our screens again later this year hosting "Big Brother VIP" and we can't wait to see what amazing outfits she manages to pull off. Fans are curious and one day want a show or show segment based on Sonias life and specifically a "house tour" 

Sonia has said:
"If the cameras find their way into my home, the viewing wouldn't be very exciting, you're more likely to find me flicking through my telly or unwinding in a warm bath"

Sonia has quite the busy life, and it used to juggling it all, like parenting, working, looking after herself or her household, maybe even hosting a new tv show, she tries not to worry about everything all at once and gives her self tasks to help her focus on one thing at a time to avoid being stressed, which isn't very healthy for you or your brain.

Sonia has said in a recent interview: 
"We keep learning about our bodies as we grow older, I know now that I need good sleep and healthy food, there were days in my younger years where I would never cook because I was always out and survived on pizza and champagne, now I take a much more measured approach, and focus on my self much more"


Fans admire Sonia, and commonly are replying to her social media posts with all sorts of compliments. Mainly complimenting how she never ages and has such a good figure, commenters are quick to dismiss any negative comments to focus on the positive. Everyone believes Sonias way of life is something we can all learn from to make changes to our own, everyone has their own unique way of improving themselves and anyone can do it, even using your own idol to improve your self health. Focus on the good and shove the bad in the past!

Focus on you and "Strictly You"

3 weeks ago
Inspirational. I bet she always needs ID for the bar
3 weeks ago
*posted before i'd finished* *if she even drinks that is
3 weeks ago
Omg! such and inspiration!
4 weeks ago
Any person would like to look young when their old 😭
3 weeks ago
I mean she's literally almost 60 and looks 30 like- shes an icon
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