Google takes out Groovy a popular Discord Bot
4 weeks ago 140 JoshR

Google takes out Groovy a popular Discord Bot

Groovy, which is a popular Discord bot, has been forced by Google to end services after Google found the bot developers had violated YouTubes privacy policies.


Image: Short description of Groovy Bot and image as well as 'Add to Discord' Button. Source: Groovy's Bot Site

Throughout the week Discord members from around the world have been mourning the loss of Groovy. Groovy, the Discord chatbot that brought music into your visits, has been killed by Google. To be reasonable, Groovy did most likely disregard YouTube's terms of service. At any rate, that is the thing that a YouTube representative revealed to The Verge. "We advised Groovy with regards to infringement of our Terms of Service, including adjusting the service and utilizing it for commercial purposes," the representative said. 

For those unaware, Groovy was a Discord bot that grants you the ability to infuse sound into your voice talks. It worked by drawing sound generally from YouTube (despite the fact that Spotify and two or three other web-based features were upheld) then, at that point adding it to your D&D meetings, Among Us games, or to just lift a call with old companions. In the course of recent years, Groovy developed to be incredibly mainstream and was introduced in more than 16 million Discord Servers.

Nik Ammerlaan, the Groovy bot maker, clarified in an ardent message in a Discord Announcement that he just made Groovy "because my friend's bot sucked and I figured I could make a better one." He additionally conceded that it was inevitable until Google came thumping. "It was simply a matter of witnessing when it would." 


Image: Groovy's closing down announcement on its Discord Community Server. Source: Groovy Discord Community Server

Albeit the free form of Groovy would probably have made due all alone, Groovy additionally has a top-notch form that permits it to be introduced in more than one worker and furthermore incorporates some new provisions like audio cues and sound controls. Google as of now doesn't care for it when you simply scratch things off YouTube, however, they particularly don't care for it when somebody charges cash to do it. 

You can appreciate Groovy for the following several days, yet Groovy will quit offering its services on August 30. From that point forward, you'll simply need to screen-share your YouTube window like most of us.

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3 weeks ago
Rest in peace, Rythm next I expect.
3 weeks ago
Rest in Peace Groovy
4 weeks ago
Poor Groovy.... :((
4 weeks ago
So sad, it was an awesome bot..
4 weeks ago
:( big sad rn brb
4 weeks ago
Sad to see it go as it was the best however it was expected.
4 weeks ago
RIP Groovy the best music bot there was...
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