Manchester City destroys Arsenal in an amazing performance
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Manchester City destroys Arsenal in an amazing performance in Premier League masterclass

In Manchester, Manchester City played against Arsenal and obliterated the whole team 5-0 in the Premier League, which also means the first time Arsenal has ever lost the first 3 games in a season since the 1954/1955 season. Mikel Arteta, who is the coach of Arsenal and also an ex-assistant in the Etihad back in 2016-2019 before he joined Arsenal, had to see the dangers his team was playing against as the team was struggling, as Ilkay Gundogan and Ferran Torres bagging goals in the first 12 minutes.

Arsenal continued to worsen their own tragedy when one of their starting 11 midfielders, Granit Xhaka, was shown a red after doing a reckless two-footed lunge in the 35th minute, which made it worse for the team as they lost a key player in their mid, which made Manchester City more powerful and dominate the whole team for the rest of the match.


Credit: The Independent

Even though Manchester City was taking it easy since Xhaka was sent off, they managed to bag in another goal after Jack Grealish, their latest signing from Aston Villa, provided an assist to Gabriel Jesus who scored the 3rd goal for City just right before the first half ends. 

When the second half started, Manchester City got another goal as Rodri scored one goal and also another when Torres managed to score another goal. Manchester City went on to emerge victorious as the match ended 5-0, with Arsenal not being able to score during a City masterclass.


Credit: 90Min

This loss for Arsenal meant that until now, they do not have a point at all, even any goal, on the Premier League standings, which puts them dead last at 20th place, which threatens them as they are now in the relegation zone. For Manchester City on the other hand, they now stay on the top 6 of the Premier League standings.


Credit: The Independent

In a statement with reporters, Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, said: "Arteta knows how I love him. In the two or three years he was here he was important to what we built. People want results right away; with the players he had today, Ben White, Thomas Partey were missing, many players they invested in were missing, without that it is difficult."

He continued on, "I know his awareness as a manager and as a leader, the moment everyone is back he will do an excellent job. I know this because I know him, I know the job he can do. Today we scored some goals that we didn’t deserve. We didn’t play that good to score a goal."

Back in the match, Jesus had enough time to cross the ball towards Arsenal's goal net, and Gundogan managed to head the ball into the goal. From there on, it got worse as Bernardo Silva crossed another ball for City, and Torres shot and scored another goal. As all of this was going on, Arteta was showing signs of distress, since his team only managed to finish 8th during the 20/21 season.


Credit: CBS Sports

The red card Xhaka received had actually made Arteta consider to leave the stadium himself. Ever since the 2016/2017 season, there is no other player in the Premier League that has received the same amount of red cards Xhaka has received. 

As the match continues, Grealish proved his worth after he set up another goal for Jesus, and as the second half started and progressed, Rodri scored another goal which puts City in the direction of a huge goal lead for the whole match. Torres scored another goal after a while, which secured a massive win for City in the few opening matches of the season. 

What do you think of Manchester City's performance, and if they will continue their domination in the Premier League? Let us know in the comments!

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Agreeing with Adonis, I hope they keep it up!
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They're totally dominating right now, hope they can keep up the pace!
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