Air Canada to launch new Munich connection
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air Canada announces new route

Air Canada has announced that it will be operating a new route, Munich to Toronto. Munich, home to a key competitor and fellow Star Alliance member Lufthansa who already operate the route. This comes after the Canadian government released plans to reopen international borders which allows those who have been fully vaccinated with a Canadian recognised vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and J&J) to travel for a non-essential reason.

Air Canada regional sales manager Jean-Christophe Hérault said "As travel restrictions ease across the globe, we are committed to rebuild our international network and continue as a global carrier connecting the world to Canada. With Europeans eager to travel again to Canada, we are ready to reunite customers with their families and friends."



The chief executive for Munich airport said "We are very excited about the resumption of non-stop service from Munich to Toronto and see this as an important sign for a further recovery of the transatlantic traffic".

Air Canada has already confirmed it will be using one of its signature Boeing 787-900, which is capable of flying 298 passengers in its Economy class, Premium Economy class and Air Canada Signature Class from Munich to Toronto three times a week. 


Source: Air Canada

As the COVID situation improves in parts of the world, Air Canada has been gradually repairing its international network. Back in July and August, it started routes from Toronto, a major hub for Air Canada, to Vienna, Dublin, Paris and Zurich. It also started its Calgary to Frankfurt route as well as several other routes from its Montreal hub including Montreal to Geneva, Tel Aviv and London Heathrow.

To ensure the safety of passengers and staff, Air Canada has introduced a mandatory staff COVID-19 vaccination policy meaning all staff must be vaccinated by October 30th unless they have a valid excuse otherwise staff will be given unpaid leave or even worse, termination. 

however they're not the first airline to do it, SWISS, Qantas and United airlines have also gone in the same direction as Air Canada. however, Delta has gone slightly differently requiring those staff who aren't fully vaccinated to wear a mask at all times and those who are not vaccinated at all are subject to a $200 surcharge on their healthcare plan.

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