Here's why phone scams are so hard to tackle...
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many people fear that phone scams are hugely popular at the moment, here's why they are hard to tackle...

People are scared of receiving a text from a delivery company (such as Hermes) and online banking, due to severe worries that it might be from fraudsters. A report which was conducted recently shows that we have every right to be careful. Between March 2020 and 2021, frauds relating to texts and phone calls increased by 83% across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, according to Which?

Which? Looked at data from Action Fraud, which is one of the largest national reporting centres for fraudulent activities and cyber crime spotted that this was the highest rise across all fraud activities.

The leap was charged by people having more deliveries in lockdown during the pandemic, which led to a huge rise of fake parcel text notifications waiting for delivery.


Many people ordering online in the pandemic | Source: Getty Images

These "smishing" attacks saw many scammers send people messages from a "legitimate" number to claim a small payment is needed before your parcel can be dropped off at your house. Upon clicking the link they send you, they try and snatch your bank details and will use these against you and steal money from your account.

Cyber Security expert, Matthew Gribben, pointed out that criminals are able to make it look like a legitimate number because of vulnerabilities that have been going for a while in the UK's (and many other countries) network telephonic systems. 


Phone fraud has soared through the pandemic | Source: Getty Images

"There's no way for the current UK phone network to guarantee 100% that the presentation number it is being told is the actual originating number - it has to take your word for it," says Mr Gribben, who is a former consultant to GCHQ, the UK government intelligence agency.

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4 weeks ago
I'm actually getting my weekly dose of a fake Royal mail text, it's ridiculous
1 month ago
I sometimes get random calls offering me some services and I just make fun of them LOL
1 month ago
ive had one before, i was Iaughing IMFAO
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