Has Lockdown made you feel exhausted? Here's why!
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does life feel exhausting at the moment?
here's why...

After the coronavirus pandemic, and many countries going into Lockdown, many people are spending more time at home than ever before. Yes, whilst this is the same for a lot of people, you might find yourself feeling tired, fatigued, and struggling to get good quality sleep - you aren't alone on this one. Even if you aren't in Lockdown, the threat of lockdowns might cause higher levels of anxiety than usual...

There's a good reason for this! Psychologist, and founder of the TARA Clinic, Tyra Hurster, said "There are a number of reasons that lockdown can leave us feeling more tired". We believe there's a threat to our safety, and our brain is programmed to run away from the threat or fight against it (this is called Fight or Flight).


Tyra Hurster, founder of the TARA Clinic | Source: Twitter

Due to Lockdown, we are staying still a lot more than normal, which leads to our brain thinking that we can't get away from the threat. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) might go into a defect and shut down to cope with the feeling of inundation, and this will leave us feeling incredibly sleepy.

The threat of Covid lockdowns leads to a response of danger, Hurster also said. “When our brain believes we are under threat, it produces a heap of chemicals in the brain that turns on everything in my body that I need to run away from or fight the tiger, and it turns off everything that I don‘t need to run away or fight the tiger,"

4000 Italians completed an online survey in Lockdown during April of last year, and many respondents to this survey showed more consistent "cognitive failures" like a lack of concentration, or loss of their memory.


Cognitive failure | Source: betterhealthwhileaging

Another psychological study conducted in Scotland, where 300 participants completed 5 tasks to measure decision-making, attention, and time-estimation over 13 weeks. Results improved when social interactions increased, and performance was worse when participants were in lockdown and self-isolation, this study found.

now you know why you feel more tired!
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3 weeks ago
It definitely has like I'm tired every day from doing nothing
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